Chief Elder Osiris : Beyond The Mountain Top Into the First way

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    Beyond The Mountain Top Into the First way

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When Black Folks Truly get interested in causing the change that is associated with Truth and Reality, then Black folks will know the Real reason for our present state of Mind.

    The Human Being Mind is that Mind that will only make false claim of having been to the Mountain Top of Truth And Reality and such is the only Mountain capable of allowing you to see the depth of our Fall, yet the Games the negro intellectuals play, making false claim about the Black Condition.

    Beloved, it take a Divine Mind in order to be qualified to SEE beyond the Mountain Top of despair, into the Blissfulness of the First Way of Divine Existence, a Way that show up the the stagnate profiling and weakness of the Black Human Being, a Being that is steeped in Sin and is shaped in Iniquity.

    Such serve as blinders, fit only for a Human Being Mind, a mind that is not qualified to SEE the Profound Truth nor is able to identify that which is Real, it was the making of the present day negro intellectual,.whose Mind is void of a desire to be Liberated and is caught up in the Matrix of illusion reality, that keep the negro intellectual ignorant of the Divine Truth about the Black Life condition in the world today.

    It is the Human Being Mind that run deep into the rabbit hole of Lies and Deceit, the caveat of which the Black Human Being Mind now feast upon.

    This Week End a Secret Fraternity was Bonded together, operating under the canopy of the Sankofa Repatriation Movement but moving in the Mental Garment of the Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist, interacting in Two Realities, one an illusion and the other is Truth, with each conflicting not one with the other, and confusion reside not in the interaction that goes on between such level of consciousness, carrying the shield of our Divinity, which allow the Divine Black Nationalist spiritualist to Know the difference in being on the Mountain Top of Despair and being in the Divine Truth and Reality of the First Way, the Eternal and Infinite Verification of Divine Existence.

    Only the Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist is qualified to recognize Truth and that which is Real, and however the oppressive Human behavior may affect the Black Mind, such will give cause to the Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist to do what is necessary to change the effect of a evil and morbid action coming from the action of the Human Being, causing a condition of agony, pain, and a constant state of depression to aggravate the Black Human being Mind, keeping away from such Beings, the enlightenment capable of causing a return to the Divine First Way of the Black Life Living.

    These days and Time require for a action only a Divine Mind is qualified to express an opposition to any and all quality of Evil, and do so without compromise, therefore, when the devil action reveal a military force moving into the Black Community, a responsibility fall upon the Divine and wise among us to Truthfully interpret such a Army movement of action, which should put Black Folks on a code Red status of alert, but no, the Black human being is only capable of going to the Top of the Mountain of Despair, knowing nothing about the Divinity of the First Way, as it pertain to the Divine Black Being.

    We yell out when evil reveal their own plot to confuse the Negro intellectuals, those that take everything the devilish white man does at face value, he say that is the way it is, negro buy, accept it as is, and proceed to form a flawed behavioral response based on the quality of Mind that is in possession of the Black Human Being.

    Tell me, when have Black folks ever been other than patriotic to white folks, when the white man introduced to us their Sears Tower, the negro immediately said that was our sears tower, even to an institution that haul Black Folks into Jail and prison unjustly, the negro make claim, stating that is our criminal justice system, yet all of a sudden we have some of our young people being loyalty to a phantom by the name of Bin Laden, when all the Time if they desired to be affiliated with Islam, there is Minister Farrakhan Islam, yet the negro intellectual imply no sense of urgency for our young Sons, now being set up by the devil himself.

    Such a attitude and behavior come from the negro intellectual, who claim to have gone to the Mountain Top of despair and I say, was not qualified to SEE anything that is Real and True, with the Human Being Mind, perceiving images of illusion, blocking the Divine Mind, that which is capable of SEEING the First Way, where Truth and Reality exist, an action which generate a desire to be Free, with an intent to do what is necessary to re-enter the Blissfulness of the First Way.

    So you may ask,what is the First Way and I say, such Divine Knowledge is only available at the moment, to the Divine Black Nationalist spiritualist, operating under the canopy of the Sankofa Repatriation movement and as those of us come with a willingness to know and understand the First Way, the mysticism of Truth and Reality, then the Truth and Reality about the First Way will be revealed to the aspiring Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist, the True Warriors of Reparation / Repatriation and Statehood For the Children Of The Middle Passage, Back Home In Afrika, steps leading into the Bliss of the First Way.

    So It Is, And so It shall Be!!!

    The Truth, The Negro Despise The Truth And Serve to Be a Traitor to The Black Race!!!

    Beloved, Only The Devil Is Displeased Concerning This Revelation, As I Share With you The Truth, Having No Concern With What Your Behavior Will Be Toward Me, Because I Follow The Path So Charted For Me By Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, As I Have Only Love For You Who Know, and Know Not.

    Date, Time And Place can be assigned to Truth and Lies, but Sound Profound Reasoning and Logic, Bed Down only with Truth

    Remain strong and always be alert, taking no one for granted.

    Free your Mind and conquer Fear and the Black Divinity will return, bringing the Liberation of the Divine Black so call Afrikan Nation, which is now divided and fearful of God in this life, because of the devil religion.

    The Truth, Black folks Despise The Truth, Thus serve as a sign of how hateful we are toward the You of ourselves and how well programmed we Black Folks are.

    I come sharing the Truth not with arrogance, but with the Divine
    meekness so required of me by our Ancient Cosmic Dark ancestors.
    > The Truth is not to be claimed, it require that it be known and
    understood, relinquishing all irrational emotions, attributes of Lies
    and act of deception.

    > I Will Present The Truth Wherever I Can Get Truth An Appearance,
    Even In The Midst Of Black Folks Fears and Divisiveness!!! -osiris
    > Here Is Loving the Black So Call Afrikan,Even In Spite Of
    > It Is Time to Elevate The Truth and Condemn The Lie!!!-osiris
    > It Is The Black Fool That say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!!-
    > It Is The Fool That Ignore The Truth In Favor Of a Fool!!!-osOsiris

    > Run! Run!, Run Black Woman And Man, Back Into The Safety Of Your

    > The Human Being Say God Command, The Divine Say God Reprimand
    > All Respect and Honor to That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus
    > Hoteph
    > Chief Elder
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    > Hierophant, Teacher Of Ancient Black Theology