Black Entertainment : BEYONCE OR ALICIA KEYS?

Alicia Keys is better than Beyonce. Beyonce is way overrated IMO, but she has talent. Alicia Keys makes better music and she doesn't resort to stripping in order to sell records. All in all, both ladies are good, but Alicia Keys is on another level. Plus, Beyonce and Destiny's Child lost much respect from me when they released "Soldier" or whatever the correct name of that stupid song was.
from the time this first hit i was with Beyonce she do have talent
but Keys have proven to be a better singer / live performer / hitting the
right notes i really like them both but dear Ashanti don't compare to these
two which i agree are at R&B peek but in different waves they both stand out
Keys a more lyrical soft note while Beyonce is past fast beyond looking
pass how they dress or what they sing i look at the live performance they give
the lyrical maze of a song Keys rising faster Beyonce just flasher both are
stardom wise and great ........big ups to both sistas


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