Black Entertainment : BEYONCE OR ALICIA KEYS?

they both have style and doing it to perfection i see both rising on the chart
fast keys have this way and Beyonce have this style as well as ashanti
all to me is even ...........................but i give edge to BEYONCE
KrucialKeys has only 2 albums, and they are both PLATINUM!

That girl does not need help in her songs to make them get in the radio rotation.

She makes her own songs, plays the piano very well, and she is the reason why 'My Boo' is at the top of the charts.

The reason her next album will not be out for awhile is because hard work takes time. It will be here, and it shall go Platinum too!

Cedric Denson
CarrieMonet said:
I like them both.
Both of the write their own lyrics, both of them have beautiful but different voices. I can listen to all of Alicia's songs without skipping over one...that says a lot!

Who are you telling?

Alicia was brought up by Jermaine Dupri, and she does not need him anymore!!!!!!

One of her first singles: "Girlfriend" was ruined when I heard JD's voice. Other than hearing him on the song, that was the joint. Big up's to her, and God Bless Her. Not saying that Beyonce is wack, but Alicia just gets my attention in a better way. When I started this thread, I never mean't to put them against eachother, I was just seeing your views on both sides. However competition-wise, it is too hard to tell who will come out on top.

Cedric Denson
I just had to bring this back to the top, because I love Alicia. Beyonce' is doing her thing, and I give her her well deserved props, but she played up her relationship with Jay I think to also boost her success. Alicia sells just because she is talented. I also can listen to both of her CD's and not skip a track.


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