Black Poetry : Beware Of The Voices In Your Head

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    Don’t listen to the voices in your head.
    Life dose not wait for you, evaluate your thoughts.
    The devils as he creeps within the bionic disk.
    Each thought might be the end.
    Confining the temple to clean thoughts
    It explodes when the tip has no response.
    Don’t listen to the voices inside your head.
    Schizophrenic delusions, hating all
    Including self, self destruction as
    The voices take you to hell.
    Defying dignity at any course.

    Under hypnosis, experience changes in perception,
    Thinking, memory, and behavior in response to suggestions
    Of the oppressor reverting into the oppressors state of mind.
    The false consensus effects, to belong adopting colors or
    Role modeling destruction, followers without leaders.

    “Beware of the voices in your head”

    The passive, never initiating activity without instructions from the hypnotist.
    Gang banging, manipulation, self-hate, self-perception theories of defeat,
    Self-destruction a black state of mind.
    Which has conform to the conformity of darkness,
    Acting inconsistently with one’s destructions of beliefs.

    Nevertheless, the oppressor of self has induced it.
    Taking on characteristics of destruction,
    Only believing in the oppressors dream.
    Life, which comes, inhibited the tunnel vise mind that can only live
    Within the power of an illusion, greater than self.

    Attitudes acquired by the social needs of ghetto mentality,
    Death to freedom is any hopes to empowerment of self-wealth.
    Associate liberal attitudes in fringing of self.
    The robotic slave never died, cloak to a new world order.
    Transformed through the click of a switch.

    The control of a mind that refuses to conform.
    Under the hypnotic state of a evolution,
    Which continues to conform to the same mistakes.
    The hypnotic state of mind, that visions, self through
    The hypnotic transformation of the bionic man,
    Death chambers built, cages that gravitate to the
    Acceptance of self. Social influences which
    Takes all out at once.
    The state of mind that continues to repeat the same
    Mistakes. The enforcements of memory that has
    Explored each time the light retrieves a thought.
    The mind goes into delete the thought of unity.
    Sets of an explosion I am greater than thee.
    Within the illuminations of bonding as one.

    Without memory of the past to present, one will not
    Be able to relate new experiences to ours executing
    Stores of knowledge, there would be no sense of identity,
    No history, no civilization of who we are.
    The hypnotic transformation of the bionic slave.
    The three stages of conformity to self.
    To understand memory we must also come to
    Terms with forgetting, why some of the information that we once knew
    Is no longer available to us. Many of the answers to questions about
    Remembering and forgetting who we are. Un relying memory of our
    Ancestors and the struggles and the lives they have given.
    To break the curse of the slave syndromes a black state
    Of mind.

    Control through the psychotic Fraud state of mind.
    Hypnosis and pain control inflicted within the circle
    Of a culture what we learn, what we think, what we think
    The future will bring, under a hypnotic state of mind.

    “Beware of the voices in your head”
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    ...down south...
    different and i love it...
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    well said sis........