Betty Shabazz

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    May 28, 1936 - June 23, 1997.


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    Thank You Sister cherryblossom

    :bowdown: Betty Dean Sanders :bowdown:
    Betty Shabazz - Wikipedia

    I had distant relatives say this to me. That racial name calling and discrimination in employment and promotion. I experienced was my fault. :peace::sick:HOUSE NI&&ERS...
    I handled mine. I still can't stand these relatives. Distant they are and distant they shall remain. :whip:

    I have respect for Her and Malcolm. They both lived and died being real. In 1997 I was dealing with some heavy issues. More Racism. I didn't hear about her death.

    I often wonder? Why, I experienced racism and others around me haven't. Why! Was I chosen by GOD. To experience this, to do sothing about it. Speak about it. Write about it?

    I have many experiences. Many stories to tell. That may be why distant relatives said I am bringing it on myself. That is bull. But it made me wonder.

    I can say this. Fear not loosing your job. Take that power back.

    That is the first thing I did. If they started something. It would not end until I was satisfied. I called them out. On the job. I called a spade a spade and didn't hesitate to bring the pressure. If a company is getting goverment contracts. Go after the money. OFFCP in Washington. Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFFCP), an office of the Department of Labor. If a company dealing with that compnay is getting government funding, contracts or cash. Go after them. Cause the loose of income to flow back. To the discriminator.

    My boss drank on the job. I hired a private investigator. Followed him. Busted him. Took it to Human resourses who was against me in the first place. Pressured them to act. Reexamine policy, rewrite policy, apply it equally across the board. On policy or be called to the carpet in labor laws. Called OSHA, the local Fire Dept. For all unsafe practices and power cord violations. I opened up a flood gate. He was fired first. I was laid off.

    Then I sent pictures of him cheating to his home for his wife.

    He started the fight. Were we not fighting?

    Pressure not applied is pressure denied.

    Two people signing a complaint causes Washington Investigators to flow in.

    Don't trust the EEOC. Been there done that.

    In reality that is the only power they have. To control your income. If you depend and need them. They own you!

    Think about it. Wealthy people don't need the income from another. So they get a respect that isnt real. It is a respect. That is commanded by the flip side and another fear. Non Dependance!

    Those around me would not have acted and did something about it. Like I have.

    They do not have real life experience to share. For accomplishments are made when you fight. :SuN042: Things can be shared if you fight. I can now write if I fight.

    In every case I experienced. That same person will be careful next time. He in many cases in almost every case Underestimated me.

    I asked in prayer. Why do I go thru it so much? Seemed more than others around me? Am I a magnet? Can they see they will get a fight out of me.
    What they didn't see is I have mastered the fight.

    I look weak, like I am loosing. :peace:
    Then the uppercut comes.:court::court: