Black Entertainment : betta pick up fubu the goodlife

Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by ThAfRaNcHlse, Oct 14, 2001.

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    Sep 30, 2001
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    sup all... i hope y'all copped the new fubu the goodlife album... **** is off the hook... katz like ludacris, drunken master, & nate dogg tear it up... says they're touring the US rite now!... look out for that... peace.... one

    Oct 1-2 New Orleans
    Oct 3 Houston
    Oct 4 Dallas
    Oct 5-6 Indianapolis
    Oct 7-8 Chicago
    Oct 9 Detroit
    Oct 10 Cleveland
    Oct 11 Pittsburgh
    Oct 12-14 D.C./Baltimore
    Oct 15-17 Charlotte/Raleigh Durham N.C
    Oct 18 Richmond V.A
    Oct 19-20 Norfolk/ Hampton
    Oct 21-22 Cincinnati
    Oct 23-24 St. Louis