Black Poetry : Betta be Careful


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Mar 1, 2001
Dallas, Texas
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You betta becareful of how you treat me
Because I can always get you while you are sleep.
You mentally abused me everyday
Not knowing if I will ever be able to think straight.

The words you say hurts my heart
I thought we were close but yet so far.
I dont understand why you playe these games
You betta be careful because i can do the same.

You betta be careful f how you treat me
You promised to never beat me.
I will no longer put up with this mess
I will let God take care of the rest.

You betta be careful of how you treat me
Because somebody will put you in your enternal sleep.

For the ladies that has ever been through something like this, you don have to take it, just fight back with the fire of GOD!!!!!!!
indeed ya right ..... no one should take dis pain
and da strike of a hand that stain a promise
no Queen should feel so un new surely the power
of almighty will take care da rest
becareful what's said & done coz u later be on da run
from da true power for what one done .....indeed ya right


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