Black Relationships : "Betrayal" are friends really worth the trouble?


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
friendz .........when we call friendz many are not just one's who can get
close to you and hurt you a true friend is a friend indeed one who will be
at your needs one that you can call on and always there

I have a fist full of true friendz outside my inner family
one young lady i dated back in high school is a very close friend
she always beside me in any thing and i return the same to her
we can talk about anything and we respect with the upmost

i have only two male friends and one is a poet name Bishop
but friendz can be low down and betrayal is the key to many
corruption against you in many ways we have to be more aware of
who we call our friendz and open up to or allow to roam free inside
our homes because friendz will set you up i agree with all y'all above


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Nov 12, 2003
I make friends easily but how long that friendship lasts is another story. I have a ton of girls and out of all of them only one is like my best friend. And even then she pulled some sneaky stuff when it came to a dude I was talking to. So, this world is funny like that. And when I have guy friends, it's rare that it stays friendly withouut anything "benneficial" to them.

I'd prefer having a million buddies over one best friend. That's just me though.


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Oct 16, 2004
CarrieMonet said:
I guess I'm blessed to have some really good close friends. I can count on them for a lot and vice versa. The only time I've been betrayed by one of my friends was back when I was 20 years old...and even now we've managed to repair our relationship.
I always consider myself to be blessed as well as far as my friends are concerned. They are honestly more like extended family. I often think that maybe I've avoided the betrayals because I'm very cautious about who I choose to become friends with and those who remain acquaintances. I'm in my 30s now and so we're a bit spread out throughout the world, but when we do get together or talk, it's as if it were yesterday. We've also proven to be there for each other whenever or however often as necessary. I thank God for them daily and life would definitely be lacking without them.


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Feb 26, 2013
Though there are betrayals, true friends are worth taking the chance and giving trust. Even the Holy Son had a friend who He knew would betray! But He gave him His friendship, nevertheless, showing He was a true friend, though Judas wasn't.

So, if you're a great friend, I'm sure you're worth it, so don't count others out automatically just because certain people claim the title without proving to be a friend with what they do.

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