Black People : BET...Lenny Kravitiz?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by BallOfConfusion, Mar 1, 2008.

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    I happened to turn to BET today and I seen, who of all people, the new Lenny Kravitiz video. This is the first time out of whole years of watching BET that I've seen him on there. Does this mean bet is moving in a different direction. Bet is supposed to reflect the black community right. The whole black community! So why don't they? It can't be the money, cause everyone I talk to says they don't watch it. And why doesn't bet have black history month every day. Why is the first time I'm ever seeing a Lenny Kravitiz? video out of his whole career just now? Bet is not working with the concept of supply and demand-Have they not noticed the pull away of a lot of their past supporters. Maybe they've always been this ignorant-is that their goal to appeal only to the young young ppl! Cause thats when I loved it. They need a total revamp. They need variety. Do you think they'll ever get variety or will they just keep moving with the times of the younger crowd?
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    I do not look at BET, all those buffoon shows and raunchy videos turn my stomach. It is sad that the black entertainment stations shows such trash. We need to be educating our people with more than this trash they allow.