Black Poetry : Best Thing For ME...

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    She aint even trying to change me
    I can be the same me
    I always be
    She aint trying to rename me
    I can be the peanut and the plain me
    She keeps me filled and not trying to drain me
    I was in the lost and found and she claimed me
    When I call she got these sweet names for me
    Her love is not in vain for me
    I shut it down, it’s out of the game for me
    I will be driving cross country, no plane for me
    And I’ll do it, there will be no complaining from me
    I’m already addicted, she’s like cocaine to me
    Feeling like fresh rain to me
    No more chest pain for me
    I only write how she pertains to me
    No more dining alone, it’s just the gravy train for me
    I’m already high, no Mary Jane for me
    I’ll take her “as is” and the same for me
    I don’t have to hold back no restraining me
    I’ll tell the world, took out an ad campaign for me
    We can role play where I’ll be Tarzan and she can be Jane for me
    Things will never be the same for me
    It a higher plane for me
    I have no shame for me
    There nothing she can’t attain with me
    I trust her so she don’t have to explain to me
    I need no side chick, just the main for me
    She got me using the dark side of my brain of me
    She’s no ball and chain to me
    This feeling I cannot contain in me
    She’s mental strain to me
    No need to retrain me
    I was abandoned and she eminent domain me
    She’s the type that will never profane me
    I’ll give 100 percent so she remains with me
    I can feel a cavity cause she’s sugar cane to me
    She has free rein of me
    She in the fast lane with me
    I prayed to make sure it’s ordained for me
    She’s all in the jugular vein of me
    She has my attention without trying to entertain me
    But you don’t have to like her, but stay in your lane with me
    Hell most of you can circle the drain for me
    Especially the ones with the mark of cain I see.
    Please forgive me for that was inhumane of me
    That’s now I was trained to be
    Until next time when I share again some me…
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    enjoyed it a poetic heart falling in love what a wonderful muse to have to write....