Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
"Mind my own business...."

not to forget
a passenger driving school
is needed like no other
come to my school young Have-Not
and drive for some many hours
beside passing the driver's test
you get on my passenger delivery business
i am straight Imhotep's student
you get paid your own money
meaning them delivery fees and customer tips
whether by plastic card or cash note
and if you smarter
you would get your brain together
to prepare your own launch off of drinks
reinvest your deadends without even a hesitation to blink
cause it is every foe and hater for their allies against you
so from the darkside i am a straight killer
the bow and arrow traveling indestrucible and untouchable flamed boiling
wetting me up is impossible
cause i am already inside yo chest heating your blood
when you run to flight or fight often(echoing)...
do not forget...
i want them Have-Nots
so we can have knots
as employment for you in a self-employed way
can get you paid legit
moving on through the ranks
shipping necessary clothing custom made boxed
from Seoul to my Dynasty's market
with silks and minks
and yeah
back to the Five Nations
transporting the real back
to my market without getting shot
and yeah!(echoing)
back to the West Coast
where Ivory Coast Ghana Nigeria Sierra Leone Liberia and more
holds it down
and you know them hurricanes are all down and with me
we travel with a quickness at high speeds
on a truer mission all about success climbing the top of our tree
just to transform into that hawk at mach speed squawking
all who herd scatters
on target
both crushable sharp piercing talons snatchya flesh without picking you up
don't funk with me i will pinch you to death...
land on the ground to transform back to run you down with your fishy breath
im all about the maul
im on all four heavy paws
husking hardest for that fear in you you love
i ain't no bully
i came for the hugging
in order to silence you for repeatedly abusing my names in vain
crush your ribcage into dust
splatter your organs out into a screaming screeching bust

So the movie goes on and on
of how they depict you as ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
while my own scripts written to be performed fine art
every county sewn up without franchising
like a rose's vine traveling
send me your money as the packet warranted
to receive your package
and we straight up and down trojans to our finish
which can never be
and sow we move on to each positioned country
setting up shop with my crew of constructionists
hired straight from handpicked trade schools....

immah hired you for my
passenger and commercial deliveries
and make sure you have your own what?
Insurance for business and personal needs
you know i am going to have my own insurance company
yo it is all a multitude...
and i am serious about it all too
and doing it now actually seeing the results happen
im telling you Have-Nots's unemployment has been the best thing for me since 1982 on the real you feel me?
You know it is all Sun on my wrist....

"allows me to see the gaps which are being filled in more and more oh yeah check it fool..."


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I do not pay attention to the disadvantages cause back in the day i remember when we was so my vision had to change from a struggler to a go-getter. Opportunity always speak to me about the further is all about your vibration of being in fear or the fearless. Which one are you? Geah. Plus i don't compete cause immah Alpha so you know i go my own ways like every wolf before me has. We leaders in my bloodlines obstacles i thought you knew? My heartbeat will never quit cause you just a course within my life so immah keep defeating every challenge and keep my nuts and my thang tucked and my back upright plus my chest out like the hawk proudly on some chit nobody will ever oversee to me and mine coming from start to finish while on my branch of my entire still and patient viewing my whole entire range....remember always put in work and watch the work return to you wealth and riches. Invest into yourself cause your world is waiting once you step out that door called out.

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