Black People : Best of hue-man kind is the Farmer???

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Farmer is the best of hue-man kind?

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    I agree wholly. Who you gon' run to when your body needs food and water? Only the most intelligent and wisest of their last times survive. This is why the farmer is the ultimate power differing from politics cause even politics...when it does run out or let's just say when you don't exist meaning, when you are no longer visible to me and when the chit hits the fan circulating orders will some of the cold-heartedly individuals risk killing everything to include water and food supply as complete genocide?? Think the governmental structure and supremacists are crazy?? I think not. This is the reason why the farmer is truly the best of all hue-man kind. He or/and she truly reaps what they have sown. Check your proverbs across the planet or just think from the left side to the right word up then back down into the right back across the left, now why politics gets my power now? How can i be a domestic terrorist when my body to include yours need food, water and shelter? For money purposes? That is the reasoning behind sissy laws as that? Please...paper and ink cannot buy love so what makes you think it can buy me a ticket to be a domestic terrorist?? Play your monopoly without playing theirs and be satisfied then just move on in life as your children will acquire land too. Never be greedy but always thankful of and fore the soul of plenty.

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