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    I used to be able to write up a storm
    But lately I feel battered and torn
    My pen and paper mourns
    Yet still I sit here holding my pen
    Writing where I’m going
    Looking back at where I been
    Remembering the who, why, where and when
    Digging up the truth and leaving the pretend
    Yet still the pages rejects my ink
    Into deeper thought I begin to sink
    Somewhere there is a missing link
    For my Heart and Mind is out of Sync
    I close my eyes and take a breath
    I breathe deeply
    As if I only have one left
    And seconds turn into minutes
    And minutes into hours
    I am in control
    I do have the power
    The power to rewrite the pages of my life
    To cut out the negative with a Steak Knife
    To reinvent myself for the better
    To be the Man I wrote about in my letters
    Change is possible when the mind is set
    Moving for forward has no room for regret
    For me to be better is what I must be
    So when I look in the mirror I see
    Only me….
    The best me I can be…