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    Our zodiacs say that we should be best friends...
    So I decided to take heed and dive in,
    Because I've never wanted anything more than someone I could spill my guts to,
    And I believe that that someone is you.

    I think that we could be something that no one has ever been...
    Our own definition of friends.....

    Like, your over there and I'm over here but somehow we can still feel each other.
    Like, your the blunt to my cup of Hennessey.
    Like, you'd be the hip hop to my head bop.
    Like....all dat and den some.

    Our zodiacs say that we should be best friends... So what's up?
    Let's make this happen!

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    Well it's on you,
    i been trying.
    now i'm pushing,
    even harder seriously,
    but i'm about this house,
    now i got and that,
    military career as officer,
    going for it next year,
    you in the medical field,
    so am i on the dental level,
    i'm going dentist military,
    and civilian plus i got,
    another job at this fast food place,
    and selling my literary arts,
    yeah geminis and libras are cool,
    but i'm straight focused,
    and if you ain't down to spill,
    your guts like i been spilling,
    over these months this time,
    then i'm leaving and going,
    solo for good as i feel,
    getting these riches,
    turning them into rags,
    that children i never had,
    deserve a home to stay in,
    in the future cause i can't,
    take all the possessions with,
    me to the casket...
    and i'm getting my life in order,
    to the tee off and if you keep,
    playing around like most be,
    then i'm off but i'm pretty sure,
    there will be another one behind me,
    or in the front or to the sides as usual,
    pick your flower and stick it your,
    breast for permanent this time,
    best friend cause i'mma rose,
    on the come up for life,
    and sprouting thorns,
    at easy when you climbing,
    over obstacles but i gotta,
    do what i gotta do in order,
    to make it cause it's still,
    hectic out here plus,
    finishing my degree,
    gets closer while military,
    dreams turns into reality,
    by the seconds seriously,
    i ain't playing and never was,
    just the days had to clear through,
    the darkness so i could see,
    my own feet again and now,
    like before i'm bold about this,
    to the maximum so quit with your,
    hiding and stuff and let's clasp hands,
    and forget about the rest cause our,
    locations are too close not to be,
    too close in all bodies of existence,
    get with the heaven program will ya??
    I'm tired on the chasing without embarrassment,
    i just can't be chasing while my livilhood,
    is in another direction cause you ain't,
    gon carry me and i never would or let,
    no female carry me cause i was raised,
    way different from the super south,
    by real muthaz and fatherz so my resume,
    is true while equality can exist,
    then you know what time it is,
    Libra...and i'm no longer back on,
    this site for nothing but you,
    that's it and everything else,
    out here cause i'm about to unplugg,
    myself from the matrix completely!

    I understand.
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    What would you do?
    If you knew and felt,
    what you could not,
    imagine between two,
    beings dissonance,
    beings resonance,
    the harmony,
    the melody,
    the tune-up,
    it's the music,
    and society,
    be tripping foul,
    hit them up and out,
    way far past overheads,
    from the first swing,
    if not then the next,
    back again best finale,
    the power of exactness,
    lit fire flies roaming about,
    called the upper echelon heaven,
    ringing in my ears heard the truth,
    that if i can't live life with best friend,
    then i'm going all out no turn back,
    i'm getting tired of the blaming,
    i'm getting tired of the generalization,
    we use to be kids watching this stuff,
    grown to become it by way,
    of the same people sworn,
    they would not repeat the same stuff,
    and they adults older who supposed,
    to be wiser less backstabbing the overseers,
    the ones who should be giving back,
    without an agenda in mind,
    minus guiltiness yet accountable,
    for every action regardless,
    cause everybody has a duty,
    this is not the selfish portrayal,
    look yourself in the mirror,
    speak out to the image with no smile,
    with that seriousness "be real" uncensored,
    the hero the souljah the troop,
    the relentless invisible father,
    buying homes remodeling them,
    for that lucky kid every year,
    it's only a matter of time,
    to take a path of loyalty,
    or merge the two of both worlds,
    with my best friend...
    but if you go your way independent,
    then i cannot stop you nor be insane about it,
    it will be no more love in my heart,
    for no woman on that personal level,
    cause a higher calling is available,
    they said i qualified since i got no kids of my own,
    plus no wife to come home too,
    or an empress who play chess with on the same side,
    they said i barely made it scored high on the testing,
    the offering is on the table to be true to you,
    and all the plans to come with us,
    or i'm going on happy as the same,
    full throttle putting my focus on the community,
    without a political run for any country's position,
    i just want to and need to be me,
    not for the impression of it,
    and nor fame of it cause when i get busy,
    i'm telling lips to hush it up,
    and never tell a soul about what just happen,
    just let me be and do what i want and need to,
    if you knew and felt,
    what you could not or could,
    imagine between two,
    best friend honestly out your heart,
    tell me what would you do?
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    Just being real about the spill out...

    See since mastering these zodiac personalities,
    on a level i can hold to palm,
    they are just elements,
    just the elements of nature,
    and that nature is,
    the nature are masters,
    mastering the masters,
    is like chess for me,
    i don't play normal chess,
    as a matter of fact best friend,
    i got my chess style,
    it's called Monopoly's Chess,
    the pieces are different,
    my axioms keep in place,
    the world i shape be in motion,
    step by step minute by minute,
    my psychology is you as heart,
    so i'm speaking to my own heart,
    when talking to people,
    internet to on-ground,
    straight serious and they be,
    looking at me in that mysterious way,
    really i don't care cause stereotypes,
    gon continue regardless,
    so i'm shaking un-wise fools like dices,
    and even more true i'm shaking foolishness off,
    i got my definition of foolishness,
    i agree with everybody,
    reason being out of no conflict,
    so i can hear they mental,
    feel they emotion and feeling,
    i got that need to connect,
    so we get that feeling,
    it's that telephone conversation,
    it's that connection,
    the unload deficit into mine,
    i store people innermost cell therapy,
    i keep taking it to the heart,
    they heart in they hands given to me,
    i gladly take it then i get heated per more beats,
    i get extra pumped per heart,
    it's that intensity energizing me,
    it's they intensity flowing currency through me,
    example they might be mad for some reason,
    and i transfer they electricity onto paper,
    it's that jolt to the socket,
    they plug me in knowing i'm gon take it,
    and i keep taking they currency out of kindness,
    but it ain't a weakness rather a pleasure,
    they wire me into they houses,
    i then rearrange the breaker box,
    strapped onto my back of nerves,
    so i walk with it everyday,
    sun up to moon down,
    it's that illusion of gravity,
    the spinning of elusive,
    another tale of conclusion,
    the evidence of confusion,
    i keep listening to the static,
    i keep feeling the aromatic,
    i keep smelling the automatic,
    i keep touching the elastic,
    i keep tasting the romantic,
    i'm cursed as that lover empowered fanatic,
    i concentrate on building myself as rose,
    from the beginning it's Rose,
    and the neverending it's Lotus,
    and sow in between is my secret,
    this is real and this is also reel,
    throughout my eyes while working,
    military to fast food,
    literary arts to college,
    connected networking,
    this is my life made,
    i write my emotions,
    out now more organized,
    into books over books,
    i can't deal with them,
    in the physical with certain situations,
    so i unleashed them page fore page,
    my heart which is she,
    tells me to sail her,
    to every heart that is reachable,
    so i give her that opportunity,
    to connect however and whenever,
    see i let me work in the mental plane,
    within these lines for my pay,
    which are numbers calculating numbers,
    i will never stop expressing,
    i don't think i can really,
    really on the real i be feeling,
    spaces of feelings that has no name,
    i just charge up like that capacitor,
    i let my energy talk for me,
    wherever i walk and stand,
    i be feeling those channels,
    it's like i take on they feelings,
    i might look into they eyes,
    for a split second then you know,
    put myself into them fully,
    if can at that moment,
    yeah it's that connection,
    i think it's because i starting to let go,
    of my ownself leaving my energy,
    in a chest reserve somewhere else,
    i just store people in my lungs,
    they become my air sacs,
    their rightful reasoning,
    compose my liver,
    and they stories of defeat,
    gives me courage to defeat,
    and they stories of success,
    gives me honor to duty,
    i use the Change of Four,
    air, water, earth and fire,
    Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius,
    and that's all real best friend...
    sow check it out from the one...
    see since mastering these zodiac personalities,
    on a level i can hold to palm,
    they are just elements,
    just the elements of nature,
    and that nature is,
    the nature are masters,
    mastering the masters,
    is like chess for me,
    i don't play normal chess,
    as a matter of fact best friend,
    i got my chess style,
    this is art of war and peace,
    balanced metaphysically,
    it's called Monopoly's Chess.
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    Okay I understand,
    of course I'm wrong,
    through and through,
    I have been with you,
    from the beginning,
    i did it yes i did it
    I started it and ended it,
    i was immature on all levels,
    and you know what though?
    i have learned,
    to be wiser,
    about my shadow,
    Whatever i did,
    to you and any black,
    african american female,
    i was wrong you are right,
    yall all truly better,
    than us on all levels,
    of loving, education,
    intelligence, soul and more,
    me myself, I'm just learning,
    how to tale time,
    while i grow up Rose,
    at least i will know,
    whoever sees me they will know,
    to step with caution,
    i had to grow up with thorns,
    in order to climb up over obstacles,
    nobody helped me rise,
    i was setup that way,
    nobody pruned took care of me,
    nobody trained me to be beautiful,
    by they standards so i grew up my way,
    and that was out of they control,
    I grew up wild Rose,
    an underappreciated and overlooked type,
    i was original and real from a seed,
    so you ahead black woman,
    as there are plenty of men,
    waiting on you and more,
    I just came to a conclusion,
    of whatever i do whether i be dayum,
    or not to do what everybody does,
    and even recap back memories,
    to shine truth in they faces,
    i will remain invisible,
    I can speak the truth with evidence,
    and prove the person wrong,
    and the situation for equality,
    out of respect and accountability,
    but i'm not doing it no more,
    I'm letting go of everything,
    dealing with a personal,
    relationship to women,
    I'm even writing a book now,
    to help women of black or african descent,
    to move on to other races of men,
    i do realize to society,
    how they speak upon me regardless,
    of what i did of positive,
    it will never be enough,
    I'm just tired and got a niece,
    many other younger female and male cousins,
    plus young female and male family members,
    that know me well and i'm tired of proving,
    myself in vain left emotionally confused,
    and left mentally lost,
    plus spiritually beat down,
    and soulfully isolated,
    no no more of that i'm taking back,
    my dignity, pride, honor, loyalty,
    common sense, sense of purpose,
    breaking the chains of stereotypes,
    a beast out the madness of betrayal,
    who showed me as such sow below,
    a monster out the nightmare shedding light upon me,
    who i really am is not who they be thinking,
    my people know who i am,
    they can see me clearly,
    even people with a heart can,
    they can see straight through me,
    i can't help you see me,
    glasses will not help you,
    neither contacts see...
    you need that enlightenment observation,
    a true truth seeking arrow with a magnifying glass,
    to see most of us and if you ain't reflective,
    plus ain't got the analytic skills,
    the just stop it right there where you at,
    they know who i am versus society,
    I rather love my family into better situation,
    at all cost to help them grow better in society,
    and give out homes to kids,
    without no catches or hidden agenda,
    I found my purpose,
    i will not plus refuse to argue with you,
    or even entertain the thought,
    of trying to reason with you,
    regardless of the past,
    if there were evidence you were wrong,
    and had parts to play in it overall nope,
    you are right and i'm leaving it that way,
    cause you deserve better no no the best,
    I'm not it and never was so please forgive me or not,
    I forgave myself a longtime ago and yourself too,
    for being a participant,
    in my foolishness from the start,
    may you work love in peace and get that marriage,
    you was hoping for cause after all you deserve it,
    I'm staying closer to my elders,
    i found my purpose so i'm sticking to it,
    may peace carry the truth,
    Love and Peace.

    See ya in another lifetime please do your mission and share your love with the world.