Black Poetry : Bent Until Broken


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Aug 26, 2008
Gregory Porter - Water Under Bridges

This one broke me
And the pain is unbearable
It like someone has stole my soul
It even sounds terrible
I don’t know if I’ll ever recover
Cause right now I want no other
So I sleep cause then I can dream
Dream of her back in my life, my Queen
But when I’m awake
Dealing with the heartache
It sometimes is more than I can handle
More than my heart can take
I loved but never like this
Signed and Sealed with a kiss
I just can’t wait for this feeling to pass
I’m just not sure how long I will last
They say it will get better
I just wonder when
This has me at the bottom
And I need it to end
I can no longer live in make believe
I can no longer pretend
I can no longer wear that fake smile
That blank meaningless grin
I’ve lost that pep in my step
The pride in my stride
I’ve bottled a lot of these feelings
Kept them on the inside
But I need to release
I can’t hold it in no more
As stand here, my tears hit the floor
I guess the point is if it’s meant to be
Can hold love, you have to set it free
And I keep a little hope that my love
Will someday come back to me.


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