Benin : Benin's Voodoo Children

Thank you for sharing your experience Brother Blackbird!

That was a key perspective which was missing for me. Someone who has personally experience this process and had inside insight of the process. Also, Sister Astrologer opened me up to some things to consider as well.

Thank you Sister Astrologer!

You've provided much food for thought and another
way to look at it as well. Will i dismiss all information coming from non-Blacks about our own? Probably not, but i will be examining it a lot more closer.:wink:

I would love to see more of our own reporting about us, but that is not the case. We tend to stay away from issues that make us feel bad or that may show us in a negative light. Maybe it's because it helps many of us to feel less responsible, and excuses us from being motivated to do something about it. I don't know. But if we don't want non-blacks painting false pictures, we're gonna have to get out here and do the footwork.

I propose we, those of us financially able to, go on a fact finding trip to Benin so we can get the official word of the street. Why? Because the crux of this discussion lies in one thing we haven't addressed because of fear and that is the possible moral inferiority or backwardness of African people. Why?

This particular story is about the Vodun convents in Benin and Togo, but there are other reports throughout Africa of the same types of behavior and they are only just within "traditional African beliefs".

The Murides of Senegal and some of the other Islamic tariqas are reported to persuade parents to send their children through religious authority and extortion to abusive Koranic schools. Sometimes the malam will kidnap or buy the children.

Certain Christian groups in Africa are alleged to participate in the same thing. So here we are - poised to asked the question are African people less compassionate, children-centric or tolerant than Europeans? Do we have less of a moral constitution than other people's that we are willing to abuse or scar children in public because of greed and maliceness parading as religious piety and devotion?


Wow! That question is as real as it gets Brother Blackbird.

I can't financially nor actively go, but i would be willing to contribute something to send one of our own. If we all put our resources together in this manner, we should be able to come back with more valued documentary.

So let's cut to the chase and ask the real question behind this thread - Are African people geneticaly, morally and cognitively inferior to whites?

No, i don't believe we are genetically, morally, and cognitively inferior. But i think we are afraid of the responsibility which comes with being the best that we are.



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