Benin : Benin's Voodoo Children

video #3

Still not hearing anything from the horses mouth. We have to take the white guys word for everything. I am a bit confused about why he is making a big deal about the money. In video #2 when he and the woman went into the village, the teacher was teaching the kids english which was obvious because one of the kids wrote the word Mom, up on the chalk board. That education had to also be paid for where the children are learning english, but according to the white guy, the voo doo education was more expensive. What is he trying to push? I don't get it, it was said that if the parents could not pay for their children to attend the voo doo school, that the children would not be returned to the parents, that they would have to become fully dedicated to the voodoo initiation. If it was all about the money, why would the voodoo school keep children that can not be provided for by the parents?

How come we could not see how the voodoo priest live, are they living lavish lifestyles in the obvious poor country? We didn't see that at all so what is the big deal about the money? The videos don't seem to be telling the whole truth if any truth at all.
Great observation Sister Astrologer!

"But tell me this, are you 100% sure those people aren't in need of help?"

I am 100% sure that those people live in a place that still holds 95% of the worlds wealth, yet they are poor as heck and I am 100% sure that those people need money. I don't think those children are in danger as the video depicts. If they was getting their butts whipped, it was probably for good reason. Black children these days who get a sniff of white influence, they become real cocky and sometimes parents or relatives don't see any other way but to whip those children. The beatings don't help the situation but the issue is not the beatings of the children, the issue is that this man is trying to push that voodoo is an evil practice and that voodoo is robbing the Benin people. That is not true, it is Europeans who are robbing Africa period.

"Are willing to dismiss it all as propoganda because of that observation?"

Of course I am, why would I believe anything coming out of this white mans mouth? He hasn't said anythig about the history of the Benin, he is talking about a supposed current situation which we still can't hear from the horses mouth. When someone is telling you another persons story, would you believe it, particularly when you know the story is coming from a person that you know has a history for spreading lies about black people?

"What if you are wrong? Wouldn't you want to be sure?"


Now I have heard this many times around here before, the truth will come out in the wash right? So far, white people have never told the truth about anything concerning African people, if so, please point me in the direction where I can see this for my self.
Okay, you didn't answer the questions. I'm gonna take that as a hearty "yes!" You're willing to dismiss it all based on the white messenger.


I didn't see your response at first because I was still pushing in all my post back to back. I have answered your questions in the above post. :wink:
I didn't see your response at first because I was still pushing in all my post back to back. I have answered your questions in the above post. :wink:

Thank you Sister!:couple:

I don't think the children are in danger either. But i do think a parent has a right to decide what direction they want their children to go. I also agree with everything else you've shared with me...with the exception of dismissing it until i'm 100% sure it's not true.


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