Benin : Benin women explain their kingdoms role in the slave trade


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Thank you very much because most of the time they show us africans who said "oh yes we did it,we sold our own people".These sisters said something that is fundamental:initially there were resistances.The white man make us believe that he was hanging around africa with his boat and that africans was waiting in the beaches with slaves,smh...The white man knew what he was doing... In fact the problem is that the power struggle was not in the favor of africans due to european guns,so some africans were forced to make wicked deal to save their people;some of the so called kings who sold us were puppet created by the beast as it is today with these traitors who ruled most so called african nations.
Oh!!!! Pleeeaaase!!! Come off it. Like all slavetrading states, Benin is and was a pagan paradise. Why do people keep regurgitating the same old non-sense? Any intelligent person can see that slavetrading, like all trading, is and was a two way street. Both sides were guilty. Until we face this and many other cold, hard facts of history, we will never solve our problems as Africans.