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Sep 29, 2005
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Aqil said:
By Amy Wold

Reconcilliation between slave-trading Africans and the descendants of slaves is the first step to healing old wounds and opening economic development, the U. S. Ambassador from the African country of Benin told an audience Friday at Southern University.

Benin Ambassador Cyrille Oguin made Baton Rouge the first stop on a tour of several cities in the United States to formally apologize for his country's role in the slave trade that brought Africans to the Americas. "The president of Benin, the people of Benin have asked me to come here and apologize for the government, for the Benin people and for Africa for what we all know happened," Oguin said. "Where our parents were involved in this awful, this terrible, trade."

Oguin said asking for forgiveness - and receiving it - is the first step in reconnecting with "brothers and sisters" who were hurt by slavery. "Today, no one wants to take responsibility," Oguin said. "It's so easy to say white man did it to us, but we share in the responsibility."

The area now known as Benin on the West African coast was a hub of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The profits were an incentive for African communities to raid each other to kidnap people and sell them to Europeans as slaves.

Oguin said Benin President Mattieu Ke're'kou has made reconciliation a priority. "He knows the damage on our side that came from slaver," Oguin said. "He knows how this robbed our own society at home, how it turned us against each other."

One thing that Im sure few Black people know is that around the time Katrina hit President Ke're'kou had a delegation working with the African Village in Mobile, Ala. to organize a Festival as part of a Forgiveness "ceremony".

I did not do any follow-up but while folks are focusing on Ghana as a possible place for repatriation, the Republic of BENIN also is Organizing with Black folks in Alabama. Yet, how many of Us even know about this?


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Feb 27, 2007
Sekhemu said:
And the Arabs!

Africans, let us stop being lazy and do some research to learn what is really going on here. I have begun this much needed process with post #29, here : But, do not expect me to do all of the work.

What I have found so far is that it is not about Arabs. 40% of the people are a mixture between Arabs and non-Arab Africans. 30% are non-Arabs and 30% are Arabs. Interestingly and not at all surprisingly is many of the slave holders are non-Arabs. In fact, I am sure many of the slaveholders are viirtually "Balck Africans". But, as is usually the case; these "Black Africans" are too stupid to know they are "Black Africans". So, let's get real.

But the real implication is that Islam and Arabs are synomium. The fact is most people in Mauritania do not even qualify as Muslims.


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Jul 1, 2003
Why do you keep defending Arabs, when they don't even defend themselves. Why don't you get one of your arab brothers to read these posts and defend his own people. All around this forum you defend arabs like they love you. Stop making yourself tired trying to defend these people. Most of us ain't trying to here it. Maybe you need to create a "Defend Arab Website". or better yet, maybe they need create one. How about that? :teach:

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