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    Dr. Ben Carson attack on Gays: In for a surprise in the Bible

    By Andre Austin

    A world-famed black brain Doctor original from Detroit Attack the homosexuals in the United States. Carson is flirting with the idea of running for president on the Republican side. He’s certificated Christian by the holy Ghost and probably speaking in tongues is clearly using his words to lash out against homosexuals.

    When you get married to your opposite sex you become one bi-sexual flesh just like the ankh in ancient Egypt.

    The concept of Marriage of a Man and woman coming together after separation of their parents and becoming one flesh is an old Egyptian concept in their theology:

    This process of halving (separation) is the basis of Nile Valley mathematics and contemporary biological science which is associated with the process of cellular division called mitosis. This concept was expressed in ancient Egyptian text which stated:

    Iam one that transforms

    Into two

    Iam two that transforms

    Into four

    Iam four that transforms

    Into Eight (commoninly known as Noah’s family of 8)

    After this Iam One (One flesh in the bible see Genesis 2:21-24) repeated in Matthew 19:4-6

    See Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization By Anthony Browder p.123

    This concept came from Atum (Adam) whose name means in part “All and Nothing

    Projected himself into cosmic existence and then produced from his boby four complementary pairs:

    1. Shu (air) the tree of life

    2. Tefnut (moisture) Tree of good & Evil its dew helps make manna and juicy (liquid in fruit. Christians eat this as manna/mushrooms and drink wine/blood)

    3. Geb (Earth) 1st and 2nd Adam=Jesus

    4. Nut (Sky) portayed naked like Eve

    These four give birth:

    5. Osiris (Jesus a composite of)

    6. Isis

    7. Set (Satan principle of opposition)

    8. Nebt-het (female counter part of Set. Judgment day the followers of Set are separated)

    The Egyptian religion is a pure monotheism , which manifested itself externally by symbolic polytheism. In the Egyptian coffin text 80 Atum said he created Nut so that “she could be over my head and geb could marry her,. In other words, the Egyptians saw the union of Earth an heaven as the basis for marriage, and this principle is carried over into genesis with Adam (earth/Geb) and Eve (sky/Nut).

    After Shu separating the Earth (Adam) and the (Sky) then go on to produce more children see “God separating the water under the Expanse (sky) Genesis 1:7 2 Peter 3:5-7). Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh (Genesis 2:21-24) repeated in Matthew 19:4-6 see my essay on Eve from Adam’s B-Que ribs.

    One of their Gods Bes, a god of marriage rings a coincidence with the Best Man in Western marriages.

    The ankh which resembled the Christian Cross represented the unification of the feminine and masculine forces in the universe and the creation of new life (likewise for the so-called star of David which is Egyptian). It portrayed both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Symbolically, the oval represents the womb, the vertical shaft depicts the Phallus and the horizontal bar expresses the coming into existence of a new life, resulting from the union of man and woman. You can see all of this symbolism in Washigton DC with Obeslisk (phallus of Osiris/Washington monument) and the Oval office at the White House.

    According to E.A Wallis budge the Great Nine of Heliopolis which I described above: “The self-created god was bi-sexual and as we must assume his offspring to have been the same”-See From fetish to God in Ancient Egypt p.147

    We can see this in another creation story:

    . In the Heliopolitan and Memphite theology traditions, Atum (adam), without benefit of a mate, actually gave birth to two deities, Shu by sneezing him out and Tefnut by spitting her out. He did so, according to one text, after first having “acted” as husband with my fist”. Atum has also been called the “Great He-She”. Ptah, the Memphite Creator (from which John’s introduction Gospel was based, also exhibits male and female charteristics. As one text puts it:

    Ptah-upon the Great Throne (also see Psalm 29:10; Rev 22:1)

    Ptah-Nun, Father who made Atum (Light/Adam)

    Ptah-Naunet, the Mother who gave birth to Atum


    “O’ Lord, you are our Father

    We are the clay, you are the potter

    We are all the work of your Hand” (Isaiah 64:8)

    Ptah was produced by a thought literally what came into heart (or mind). What the heart of Ptah thought passed to Thoth who translated it into words which everything came into existence (see The Word in the Gospel of John).

    Jesus was a composite figure of several deities including Zeus, Ptah, Amen, Horus, Titus and Osiris just to name a few. If this being so we find an androgynous character of Jesus at Rev 1:13-15 with girt about his paps breasts or being naked with a young boy in Mark 10. No one talks about Jesus being stripped naked on the cross and being castrated from his penis just like Paul/Paulina. In ancient times you were considered female if you were a eunuch. No one considers Jesus as Bi-sexual in the image of Emperor Titus whose military campaign were a parody of Jesus ministry either.

    It’s a bitter pill for the Christians to swallow that both the concept of marriage and that God was bi-sexual comes from the creation stories of the ancient Egyptians.


    “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother (House) and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh, so they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what god has joined together, let man not separate” (Matthew 19:4-7”. Doesn’t this sounds like Atum’s separation and uniting back with self. Plus Het-heru (Hathor) means House of Horus. In Egypt when a man marries, he is “Housed”-he becomes settled”-Egyptian Divinities By Moustafa Gadalla p.81

    “The water of life cometh into heaven, the water of Life cometh on the earth. The sky catcheth fire (Atum) before thee, the earth quaketh before thee, at the hands of the children of God. The two mountains (mound) are cleft (split or divide) the god appeareth, and the god hath the mastery over his own body”- Osiris & The Egyptian Resurrection Volume 2 p.361. This is the same as 2 Peter 3:5 “God’s word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water and by water” which was referring to Genesis 1:6-7. This firmament arising out of the waters is the primeval mountain of Egyptian myth.

    Separate= divide, disunite. Only separation now is between Wicked (evil) and righteous (Matthew 13:50 by the Angels. But you should separate now from the devil.

    In Egypt couples had marriage contracts based on their Law (maat) Maat is related to societal orderly relationships and harmony. In the old testament later Hebrew priets didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat from Maat because they felt man should not try to become like an Egyptian deity.

    Its not strange or a coincidence that Revelations end in a marriage to the church (Circe, black goddess. Jesus comes to save like Noah (baptism/re-creation) Luke 17 and 2Peter 3:5-7 compared to Genesis 9:15. We are saved from a Housetop (Mound from Atum) and with the Ten virgins parable in Matthew 25 we are to have a candle and oil lantern with it on top why?:

    Because when Atum was born out of Nun (water) he placed a light on top of the hill/mound.

    Salutation to thee, Atum (light)

    Salutation to thee, he comes into being by himself

    Thou art high in thy name is high Mound…becoming One

    After the marriage because the lamb is light which we walk by it light (Rev 21:23) we see which was unseen faith we walked by instead of sight and we get to eat from Tree of life Shu (Rev 22:14) and we already ate from tree of good (Tefnut) or Maat because the angels separated wicked from right Matthew 13:50) This matches the pyramid texts stating:

    Heaven of Osiris under VI Dynasty:

    “His hunger is with Shu, his thirst is with Tefnut” –Osiris & The Egyptian Resurrection Volume 1By EA wallis Budge p.131.
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    I read where a man named Savage( I think) attacked him on his stance. Inviting him (Carson) to suck his private part to see if he would become gay. Carson had stated that being gay was a learned behavior. I assume Mr. Savage to be gay. This was part of a Bill Maher "For Real" presentation ...(if my memory me serves me right)!