Black People Politics : Ben Carrington - The Global White Sports/Media Complex and the Politics of Sport

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    Some background info:​
    Professor Ben Carrington was born in Woolwich, south London and grew up in Thamesmead. He taught the sociology of sport, popular culture and race at the Chelsea School, Brighton University from 1997 until 2004. In 2004 Ben left England and took up a position in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin where he has worked ever since. He is widely regarded as one the world’s leading scholars on the sociology of race and culture, especially in relation to sports culture.
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    The FA is the Soccer Football Association here in the UK with this post being my response to the manner in which a sometimes nasty but very talented Uruguayan soccer star has been treated by them for biting [he didn't draw blood] another player.
    Why is Racist behaviour STILL AUTOMATIC in the UK’s Institutions like the FA?
    Is there a specific reason why prominent public figures in general, Sportstars in particular, even somewhat racist non-white ones like Mr Suarez have to be crucified for poor behaviour in the heat of battle/the game, that hasn’t seriously injured or harmed anyone?
    Suarez has apologised to Ivanovic [who has probably had his rabies shots by now] and the Chelsea team, his own teammates, club and supporters, what more is he supposed to do, to stop this Witch hunt?
    This furore with the FA totally capitulating to being publicly pressured to severely punish an offence their referees didn’t even see [isn’t Suarez more of a nasty, niggling nuisance than a career ending hatchet man] is reminiscent isn’t it, of the RANTING vitriolic fervour that was directed at Tiger Woods for being a somewhat rampant TIGER, in stark contrast to the goody goody married family man image he’d very successfully projected and promoted in the mass media?
    What would happen to Mr Suarez or Woods had they executed [pumped 4 bullets into] a white woman girlfriend in their house which is what Mr Pistorious [the South African Blade Runner] has done, hasn’t he, and he’s still miraculously managed to get bail and even the freedom to travel abroad and compete?
    Would Suarez or Woods EVER get out of jail if either of them had ever found themselves in similar circumstances to those Oscar Pistorious is so obviously going to walk away a free man from, [OJ’s escape was a never to be repeated fluke] isn’t he?
    I was waiting for the mass media to start baying for Oscar Pistorious’s blood in a similarly enthusiastic manner, whereas aren’t I fortunate I didn’t hold my breath?
    Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed;
    graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?