Beloved King gods, Mighty warriors Afrikan Men

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    Hoteph Beloved King gods, Mighty warriors Afrikan Men:

    MY Spirit honors your Spirit.

    Thank you for the glistening nectar of your Afrikanness...IT VIBES SO MAJESTIC.

    Beloved Brothers, I am lead to open this thread so that we can unite as One, and not let no people, place, or thing interrupt our Afrikan loving for each other.

    Beloved king gods of Afrikan proper blood line, in these present troubled Time for Afrikan people, I think it is necessary to speak words of encouragement to the True Afrikans, stating who we are using the view of us in our past life on this planet before our fall from our True divinity, as oppose to who we are today, representing our fall into the deception of the white man religion.

    Afrikan gods of Afrika, a life style we lived at ease and in peace, full of self confidence and self assured of our place in the Universe and more importantly, what our relationship to it.(universe)

    Beloved brothers, we no longer know of the days when we were true ambassadors of the Universe, revealing the Infinite God through our life expression, thus is what qualified us to be able to present civilization to the Earthly world of intelligent Beings.

    Today my beloved, we no longer know who we really are or from whence we have come.

    We Afrikans now resolve to be just a lowly Human Being, taking order from an evil source that call themselves white people and it is those same white people that came and knocked us away from our Afrikan Divinity and now we willingly serve the thoughts, mind and ways of white people, the oppressors of the Afrikan Nation, along with others who have no love nor respect us Afrikans, just envy and jealousy.

    Beloved Afrikans, we must turn inward and regain our love and respect we once had for each other and defy all who would attempt to prevent our love from flowing once again one to the other, for we Afrikans truly are the goddess and gods of this Earth, by consent of the Universe and the approval of the Infinite Eternal God over all that is or ever will be.

    A Message To The Afrikan King gods

    Beloved Brothers, the Time has now come and so demand that The Afrikan of both genders, begin to bridge the gap we have allowed to Separate us from each other, a duo that once was as One in the presence of the Universe, under the Infinite and Eternal God power.

    Positive and Negative energy, did we connect as Feminine and masculine genders, representing the proton and electron particle of the Atom of which we are and when we were connecting in harmony, order and well balance, wonders we were able to perform, qualifying us to be as the Sun in our Solar System and on earth did we perfect such a system where Love, peace and Joy was our companion and the Moon and Planets submitted to our every wish, goddess and gods did we appear to be, upon this planet call Earth.

    To the Afrikan masculine Gender I say, it is Time you acknowledge your positive half of this particle equation call the Feminine Womb-Gender, a necessary entity you Men, representing the electron of the other half of the particle equation, such is needed to be able to effect such a powerful force capable of taking us back Home and placing us back in alignment with the Universe, in plain words of understanding, the Afrikan queen goddess is your primary source of strength, and you the masculine Afrikan Gender, must acknowledge such, coming together with her to complete the formula that will give us the power to reclaim our status with God in the Universe.

    If Afrika and the Afrikan is to ever return to our original state of being, the Queen goddesses and King gods must reunite under the canopy of Love and Respect once again.

    Beloved brothers, I am asking you to use this thread to bare your souls to All Afrikan womb-genders (sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, nieces, cousins), and please go into your secret closet (heart), and speak to the womb-genders not yet born. My beloved brothers, bring the CORe of the Divine Black perfect Night’ out of you. Give the Afrikan womb-gender your:

    Black embrace,
    Your black kiss,
    Your black dance,
    Your black need.

    For your loving will unite our Afrikan womb-genders, where I Am now, in the land after life…the other side. An eternal love. Black Celestial Eyed Black King gods, where are thou?

    As Afrikans, speaking eloquently to each other, maybe our only tools and weapons, to encourage, motivate, and equip each other, that will uplift us out of this humanity. It would indeed anger the oppressor to see us Afrikans getting along in such a loving manner. Speaking eloquent words to each other will win us great Victories, and Afrika will Be Born Again. The Power of the Tongue carries life or death.

    If we first meet in the minds, let’s all reintroduce ourselves; touch (minds) as if it is the very first time, virginally.

    Let The World witness our loving from The Afrikan Men, The Majestic, on this thread, so freedom can rule and reign in our Afrikan lives.

    From Thee Frontier of Thee Future, on Thee Outskirts of Thee City of Eternity, and Thee Chambers of Thee Holies of Holies, where Spiritual secrets resides. There you have IT. Loving.

    Here is loving you/Afrika


    Goddess IsIs Akkebala/Arike OshunDele/Iya of Afrika
    Being Thee Change Thee World Needs To See
    I honor Thee Spirit in Me, that leads and guide me to share this with you
    [email protected]

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