Black Men : belly fat takes away inches

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    True s h i t. about two years I got a desk job after doing Stucco for 15 + years. After moving to Texas and finding out the Hispanic population controlled the construction industry with their low, low, low prices I took on a desk job to make ends meet. I have always been fit and muscular. A couple of weeks sitting at the desk I started snacking. Chips, peanuts, candy, sandwiches, wings, then full meals off and on all day. I was working for a foster care placing agency as the child services coordinator. A family owned business. The office was a house converted into an office. I did all the work. It had a full functional kitchen. I started packing on the pounds. Bear (Ole English) did not help. My stomach in particular started getting bigger. After a short period of time I went to the bathroom and to my surprise I had a childs d i c k which seriously messed me up. The wife had not said anything. After one of our sessions. I thought I had did the d a m n thing. We kind of got into an argument and she said “take your lil mani d i c k out of here with that s h I t. (Mani is what we call our 20 month old grandson) fast forward 6 months. A CKLS cleanse a vegi and fruit diet later. The belly Is gone and I see a two to three inch difference. The wife is back to running away, and going right to sleep after the session. Get rid of that belly fat.