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Sep 12, 2009
The God who created the earth, who created the sun that gives us light.
The God who holds up the ocean, who makes the thunder roar. Our God
who has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds, who watch us from
where you are. You see all that the white has made us suffer. The white
man's god asks him to commit crimes. But the God within us wants to do good.
Our God, who is so good, so just, He orders us to avenge our wrongs. It's He
who will direct our arms and bring us the victory. It's He who will assist us.
We all should throw away the image of the white man's god who is so pitiless.
Listen to the voice for liberty that sings in all our hearts.

-Boukman's prayer​

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May 7, 2009
Anyone on here believes in voodoo or a curse being put on someone? if so, how come? And if you have experienced being put through that or know someone who has gone through that, what were the experiences like?

I've got another story but, I'm not sure I would say it's really voodoo, but anyway, I have to write it up, so I'll be back.

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
I've got another story but, I'm not sure I would say it's really voodoo, but anyway, I have to write it up, so I'll be back.

ok write on girl

The Ouija Board

Now, I don’t know if the Ouija board has anything to Voodoo due to an experience that I once had years ago, but I do wonder sometimes what was behind it all. I remember when I was really young and I saw a show on, The Walton’s, when there was an episode where the kids played the Ouija Board and I didn’t really believe it at the time, but after my experience, Man!-- Well, I believe that there was something significant, maybe not with the Ouija board but perhaps it was something else besides that, but anyway this thread brought back up those memories so I want to share.

It was almost exactly thirty years ago in the fall of 1982 in October when I was in college at an HBCU and it was on the weekend in my dormitory and my friends and I had gotten struck with boredom that evening. However, it was one the best years of my life and such an incredible experience that year because it was a time that just about every girl on that hall were friends and it was a lot of us and we were all unique in some kind of way. Some of us were tall, short, dark, light, Church girls, party girls, from the north, from the south, basketball players, cheerleaders, science majors, economic majors, full time seeking husband majors…!-and some of us were more close than others but the respect we had for each other was amazing. We were on the top floor and my dorm roommates and I became known all throughout the dorms as ‘the casino’. We had girls coming from all other floors up in our room to join in on the card games we use to play and man it was so fun. Some of us soon ended up doing so many other things together like going to the clubs, going to games together, and spending nights over each others houses. But that weekend in October just around the time of homecoming season it was quiet and we had gotten bored. So one of the girls knocked on my door and told me to come across the hall because one of the girls on our hallway had a Ouija board and it was said we needed a certain number of people to play the game. So off I went…

I kneeled down beside the bed where the board was situated and then someone read the rules. Then we were all laughing and giggling and joking around but then one of the girls told us we had to be serious if we wanted to see if the board really worked. So someone turned the lights down, lighted a candle, while we tried to pull it in and get serious. Then we all, about four of us, put our hands lightly on the triangle in the middle of the board and then someone said that we needed to ask the board a question. So I realized that for some reason, people had a hard time guessing my weight at that time of my life. People always use to think I was more heavier than I really was and would guess about ten pounds more that I really was [* I wish I was even that ten pounds heavier now!!! Smh.] and so, I asked them what they thought I had weighed, and they all got it wrong. They thought I weighed 123, but I fluctuated between 112 or 113 back then, I wore a size three in my clothes [not anymore! Man!]. So I said lets ask the board that question, so we said, “oh Ouija board, oh Ouija board, oh Ouija board, how much does ‘Chevron’ weigh?’

At first the triangle didn’t move for a few seconds, but then all of a sudden, the d$#b thing started vibrating and then moving! Slowly it moved from the middle of the board down and over to the number 1, then it moved back to the center of the board. Then it moved back over to the number 1, and then it moved back to the center. Then it moved down over towards the number 3 and then a little farther and then, IT STARTED VIBRATING AND MOVING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN THE NUMBER 2 AND THE NUMBER 3! It kept jiggling between those two numbers for a few seconds and finally it stopped between them, paused and went back to the cener and stopped. Then everyone looked quietly up at me to see what I would say. Quietly, I said, “Uh, well sometimes I weigh either 112 pounds or 113.” Then all of a sudden everybody started screaming, yelling, flingling their arms and legs around, falling all over the beds, including me! We got up and started running down the hallways, bendn over, laughing, and etc. Then some of us got scared and said we were through, we were not going to play it anymore, but there were some tough hearted girls in the bunch and they said they were not totally convinced. So, they put me on the scale and weighed me to confirm that part, and then they said we gotta ask the board at least one more question. So they urged me again, and I said, “okay”. So I knelt down again beside the bed and we all put our hands back on the triangle. But then it got quiet and we were trying to figure out another question that we knew for sure no one would know the answer to. So again, I spoke up and said that we needed to come up with a word that no one knew the definition and ask the board. I remembered back in my English class all of the many words we have to learn and was tested on, and one word I thought of that frustrated me because I felt that the word seems to mean opposite wat it really implied and I could never remember its meaning, and could not remember its meaning at that time. So I asked everybody in the room, did anybody know what the word ‘FASTIDIOUS’ means. It seemed like at the time, it meant ‘to be fast’ or something, I could never understand why it looked different than whatever it had meant and I could not for the life of me, at that time, remember at all what it meant.

It got quiet and we all looked around and no one knew what it meant, so we decided to ask the Ouija board what the world meant. We said, “Oh ouiga board, oh ouiga board, oh ouiga board, what does fastidious mean, what does fastidious mean, what does fastidious mean?” If I can remember correctly, we were told to ask the question a set number of times. So after we asked the question all in chorus, we got quiet. At first the triangle did not move for a few seconds, but then it started vibrating and slowly it started moving from the center and up towards the alphabet. It moved towards ‘the letter h’, then back to the center. Then it moved towards, ‘the letter a’ then back to the center. Then it moved towards ‘the letter r’, then back to the center. Then it moved towards ‘the letter d’ and back to the center, then it paused for a few minutes and vibrated. Then it started again and moved towards ‘the letter t’ and back to the center. Then it moved towards ‘the letter o’ and back to the center and paused for a few seconds and just vibrated. Then it started out again and moved towards ‘the letter p’ and back to the center until it spelled out the word ‘please’, then it moved back to the center and completely stopped. It did not vibrate anymore. Then we all looked up and said under our breath, “Hard to please”, then someone asked “does anyone have a dictionary?” Then I said, I do in my room. BAM! All of a sudden we all jumped up and bolted towards the door, opened it, and bust through my dorm room across the hall. Someone grabbed my Webster dictionary and started thumbing through it until she got to the word ‘fastidious’. Then she started reading aloud the definition and came to the words, “Hard to please”, and she looked up at us quietly at first, and then I grabbed the book and had to see it for myself. Then again, we all started screaming and yelling and etc. That’s it. S%$t! I was convinced that something was up.

I couldn’t blame it on no one but myself because it was I who actually chose the two f’n questions to ask the blam board. I am supposed to be a frickn Church girl and here I was playing the blam Ouija board. I’m not sure if we all stopped at that point, but most of us had stopped. There were a few tough hearted girls that still were enticed later, but not me. That was the last time I ever did. The next homecoming function I went to which might have been the very next night was when some of the music stars from the former band Earth Wind & Fire came to our university to give us a concert, a Christian concert. I couldn’t believe it!--For the first time I got to see and hear Denise Williams, and Phillip Bailey in concert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man! Can they sing! There was also Billy Davis and Marilyn McCoo, she is so pretty, and such a lady. And to my surprise towards the end of the concert they actually made an altar call and I thought about what I did the night before, playing that frickn Ouija board, so I didn’t care that it was a crowd of people, Man! I ran down that isle, and that was the first time I got saved. Yes, I did. I ask Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to come into my life and make a change for me and have never regreted it since that night. I was also going through depression at that time of my life too because I was in love with this ‘baller’ and he broke my heart. I transferred from another college to go to this HBCU and he broke up with me over the phone and I was crushed. I could see all of those gorgeous Black African men all around me at that HBCU and he couldn’t even maintain at the other predominantly White college where I came from. My best girlfriend though at that other college, kept me posted and told me all about the other girl, a cheerleader, he left me for and she told me how that basketball coach got his behind real good. That coach had a crush on me!--yeah, he was a very nice, tall, gorgeous man, [he was a White man] and my girlfriend told me that the coach ended up not liking him! She told me that the other guys on the team started not to like him too, and so he was sat out all season! He benched his butt! Ha! Then he had a nerve to drop out of college and come to visit me at my college a year later and play with my mind again and again. Finally, my step brother who I was real close to stepped in … anyway I’m digressing to the other issues the went on in my life around the time I had chosen to play that Ouija board.

Now I don’t know what kind of energy I could have possibly had to contribute to the outcome of that board and I don’t know if it could be considered Voodoo, or whatever, but I believe that something is up with that board. I’m sure of it. I also wonder about the energy and spirit of Black African American women too, and what we might possess if a number of us came together to be on one accord. The friendships that I made at that time was one of the best experiences of my entire life. Years later after we had all graduated and gone our separate ways, we still kept in touch from time to time and went to each other’s weddings and such. Once we all got on the phone and had a conference call, and one of us was all the way in Middle America at the time, and we reminisced about the good old times that we had. It was just awesome and an unbelievable experience. Oh! How I love HBCU’s.
Fastidious, definition:

Possessing or displaying careful, meticulous attention to detail.
Difficult to please; exacting.
Excessively scrupulous or sensitive, especially in matters of taste or propriety. See Synonyms at meticulous

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