Black Spirituality Religion : Believing in VooDoo


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Oct 4, 2009
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This website has been her 10 years and more then likely , over 60 thousand people of African descent have come and gone and some stayed.

People who have come here to get a better understanding of many things!

What really is needed here is someone to simply post the facts to dspel the common feelings most Black folks in this nation and the Caribbean have about Voodoo that are different from what they think or feel about Dogon, Akan, Zulu, or Yoruba

1 Most people's references to Voodoo, are spells.
That is the fact!
A.Spells for good luck, spells for crooked like like getting someones wife to divorce and marry them
B.Spells of bad luck like having someone "dressed"
C.Spells that make someone sick or die that can make someone into a zombie; The Serpent and the Rainbow/ Harvard study

Most Black newspapers older then 60 years have advertisements for houngans who will do works for a set fee

2 Many believe that Voodoo was used as a psychic weapon to keep the masses in check, by the Ton Ton Macout of the Duvalier family

3 Many are leary about , the posession by, gods or loas, and are fearfull of that,
or losing ones consciousness, or having ones mind taken over by something else

4 Many have a problem with beings that need blood sacrifices, and wonder if the larger the sacrifice the more power one receives from these beings

5 Many wonders if this is something that one gets involved with, can they simply leave or are they in it for life

These 5 notions about Voodoo can and should be cleared up for the benefit of understanding and truth

Voodoo like Freemasonry is so secret, that of course people will not realy know or understand,

but as some Masons have given clarity to their rituals and beliefs, it would be of great service for the proponents of voodoo to do the same,

especialy in the light of the illuminati , studying this , and being initiated into it since the colonization of Haiti (French Martinism)
clarity is what is needed becuase the sister has asked questions that about 25 million of us would like an answer to and maybe more of us would initiate if we fully understood what it was about

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May 7, 2009
Anyone on here believes in voodoo or a curse being put on someone? if so, how come? And if you have experienced being put through that or know someone who has gone through that, what were the experiences like?

Some of the people on my maternal side and who live in South Carolina, I think might have some kind of superstitions in this regards but I think it stems from slave times.

I remember when I was little I heard that one of my aunts had gotten really mad at some of my older cousins because they played a prank on her but they didn't mean it to be serious. They were like only pre-teens at the time and thought it was funny to do it. They put a doll with pins stuck in it inside her mailbox. She told my uncle and they got a whooping. Well that was decades ago and so far, nothing has happened to her! She is now, I think in her nineties, she still sane and looks really great the last time I've seen her.


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Jul 9, 2008
This is subjective at best. How can anyone unequivically establish what religion works for you without agreeing on the same terms as to its meaning.
Some people see religion as a tool for the aquisition of material wealth and control. Others view religion as a vehicle to unite with the Godhead.

What do you get out of "uniting with the godhead"? Are you male or female SEKHEMU?

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