Black People : Belief Create The Fool But Divine Knowledge Give Birth To Wisdom.

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Belief Creates The Fool But Divine Knowledge Give Birth To Wisdom!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Beloved, it is up to you how you present your Black self to the world, I just share with you Divine Information I know will be consistence in having you to appear as you once were when in the know of What the Greater Good-God Is And Your Magnetic relationship to It, which you no longer reveal having your original relationship with the Divine Essence which reveal you're being with Knowledge Of Thyself, beloved.

So Consider This I Am Moved To Further Share With You About A Term That Is Killing Us Because Of A Lack Of Knowledge We Have About The Use Of, Beloved.

Black Afrikans are the magnetic presence in the physical, living life in a physical world with Human Being enforced living standards that are more favorable to the Luciferian Human Being than to the Divine Black Cosmic Universal Being with a magnetic current that is of the Divine Cosmic Universal Essence, the Greater Good-God, Dark Energy Universal Intelligence.

There is a Mind performance that functions directly under the guidance of that Luciferian Human Being and such a mind function is now common to the Black Afrikan people and beloved when you have not controlled your organic mind, you are no longer you who is doing the performing as you are Naturally Designed to do.

So, that is why you become so defensive and ready to show respect to words Lucifer has so defined and given meaning to which have you reacting nervously in fear when you are confronted with words Lucifer has conditioned you to be with a mind that honor the way you have been conditioned to believe about, case and point, for example, the word Hate as I have noticed your reluctant to interact with using your organic Mind which no longer is in action in your Black body today.

I am sharing with you what I have picked up from your reaction toward certain words I share with you in a wise and hasty way that you have been conditioned to believe about using what Lucifer has educated you to believe about and as long as you prefer your action be based on what and how Lucifer has conditioned you to react to the term hate, then you remain closed in the Demon Dungeon of belief, beloved, and there is no freedom in such a characterization of your self.

There is no word of Lucifer making that is more imprisoned in the mind of the believer than the word HATE, it, when used out of the context Lucifer, have you believing about Hate, you without the confident builder of your original mind become fearful of that word hate, that beloved puts you in the category of the believer about Hate and you become a victim of such a characterization of the believer about the term Hate, beloved.

You can't recover your Divine Mind allowing Lucifer Mind to continue to guide you about what to believe about while living Life, as I have shared with you to believe is to be under the control of that racist Luciferian Being who is set on having you to live foolishly but to live to know birth within you, Wisdom and at such a Divine Level of use of your Mind will have you to know that just like Love, Hate come with not unconditional but with condition beloved.

So, when I use the term Love and Hate I used those terms with respect to the Divine Knowledge I have about the both of them, for they both require wisdom in the use of each of those terms, Love and Hate, both can be Divinely Used or Profanely Believed about!!!

To Live Life With Your Divine Mind Guiding You Give To You Courage But To Live Life With Lucifer Profane Mind Guiding You Make You Weak And Comfortable In A State Of Living Oppression, Beloved.

Divine Respect
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