Black Poetry : Being Witty

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    Being Witty

    This stuff will lift a tree and if we don’t read we won’t succeed
    Risk of failure with brisk paraphanalia so our future will need
    Flowing Knowledge must keep going to college and become
    Divine like Einstein no crime in being smart but there is one
    in being dumb, got tons of verbs but only one word sums it up
    never be a dumb butt, look I warn troops and scorn hoops abrupt
    with basketballs it get drastic yall make lay ups and stay corrupt
    Best prepare for action I’m a bare headed attraction like messing
    With Sasquash I’ll feed you beef jerky so don’t be testing
    When I see retards I have to be on guard alert a community yall
    Have to work for an opportunity to succeed no puny wall to fall
    On, look I prevail great and never alienate HIPHOP but sometime
    Slip a lot while rhyming no doubt my mind here is without design
    I arrange my strange thoughts in a straight line just come up with
    Great rhymes Ebonics perfect like an electronic circuit this gift
    Could be shocking, I join with others in this HIPHOP cause, rip
    Shop and pause sharpen chain saw, stuff is plain raw don’t trip
    Correct wise minority and still have to recognize authority yall
    Its random clear as to why cats abandon careers sorority calls
    Getting my hand smashed and I stand abashed plan to get some
    Cash out of this my bling rattled, ready to bring this battle one
    To an end and today do away with whackness the time has come