Black Poetry : Being Unique

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    Being Unique

    Flaws in my path cause static like the laws of mathematics
    Must add and subtract bad scrubs are like whack drug addicts
    A lot of burden they’re not certain about life dang smoke too
    Much it’s a joke not to make a true search for reality only a few
    Make it, run strongly with true bling and only two things matters
    On this map here my rap career and my girlfriend she shatters
    Stupidity and make my world spin, now I’m in a universe with folks
    Even my worse quotes are loved by some so whip out the smokes
    Catch static and crap when I do dramatic rap like a SHAKESPEARE
    Make fake fear onstage which derived from my scribes great and sincere
    Doomed in America when I assume the character of MADDRAPPERS
    With bad chapters got drink Sprite or cola go fishing glad to catch snappers
    Got stink hardcore facts but have to think before I act write with ink
    That soar and smack cats with words all my stats are verbs no kink
    In my game, face barriers as solid as a wall of stone get on tall microphones
    Battle and then they all gone this stuff fall on my everlasting skills alone
    Was brave in in school but behaved like a fool, rhymes the sweet truth
    Cats like a weak roof brains couldn’t stand the strain of this weight proof
    In my head, in rap could be a minister but I’m a hood senator that hate
    Controversial legislation, pledge to the nation to overcome and be great
    Like a lighthouse at night arouse ships while my spouse rip bedspreads
    My head misled with just one kiss done missed my train writing threads
    Got a swell plot and like a cutter run twelve knots down a channel I can’t
    Handle won’t gamble on sinking my boat by linking quotes that taint
    The anchor could capsize while I rap wise this is a demonstration on
    How my information bear on cases participate in fair races stay ready strong
    Like Richard Petty’s home-team grab the phone and scream for car part
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    this was phat ...........I like