Black Poetry : Being Twisted

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    Being Twisted

    Brisk and high at a fish fry shook no doubt at a cook out
    Fish is the main meal see a dame in heels what’s she’s about?
    Because kissing produce juice and loose emotions think I have
    Hardened luck the size of a garden truck the girl is fresh fruit
    Flesh cute, she probably wanna live wise and give rise ro brute
    Baby boys at birth got a fat thirst for her body I’m in the mood
    To huff and puff she’s just foodstuff I’m rude enough can’t elude
    Her dreamy eyes bet she got creamy pies and steamy thighs
    So brown and sweaty I’m down and ready for sex as I tries
    For her love, miss a day of rest while she diplay her breast
    must say some mess to her quick, acquire the fire to impress
    then ask for a date “boo accept my gift for your kiss to help
    uplift my pride, my aim is to claim you as my dame and step
    out holding hands, I assume your perfume smell sweet let me
    take you to my room for a swell sleep have sex and it’ll be
    fantastic and drastic I’ll use a prophilastic so lets go home boo
    you can moan and groan to while we roam through the true
    traffic lights which provide graphic sights,” “wait it's not sad
    I know I got cake and breast so wanna make a request bad
    For some sex, we live on earth but I’m not ready to give birth
    To a child right now, RHYME just show me around I thirst
    For kisses feel strange and shook ready to arrange books on
    a shelf, my coochee hair stand must prepare and plan baby I belong
    in a gown
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    twist affect

    cookin out she was why, fish fry my my my
    mouth watery her on my plate
    half baked like steak n' shake
    deep fried sensual twist lemon drop tangy kiss
    hot center blazzin bliss legs & thighs i can't miss
    mountain mound perky and wet
    coochie lips pop and start to sweat
    down by da lake good catch big & fat
    so i tip my summer hat jump back gave it a pat
    chop it in meal gave it a sensual feel of my hand
    she was flossin round like peter pan
    and she told me RHYME was da man
    all i could do was say [email protected]#! i understand

    Hey bruh this was hot and fishy for a real fry you hit da core of the bake 'em splat.
    awesome twist right here Rhymebad