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Apr 1, 2001
Being True

Pull a large treasure and dodge the full measure not even a bull //
Could pleasure this, my method of impressing is to pull the wool //
Over your eye, from a standpoint I command and anoint verse //
Give me your hands get your finger joint burst //
Foolish is lack of forethought crack is store bought like shoes //
Broke rules Taught at schools //
I’m caught up on the news headlines fought and fled blind no clues //
Girls fine with nice boobs //
Time cats pay dues there’s an error in action terror for satisfaction //
Thunder awareness a blunder is careless on a path for math subtraction //
Want to take a bath with Janet Jackson //
Retards are fools who disregard rules not even an St Bernard would bark //
Got scarred good from hot spark plugs in my Lex stood muscular and stark //
Retirees get erased like old clowns, inquiries embraced a whole town //
Cats replaced my crown
This is level ground and the devil’s around try to knock me out of bound //
Rock and shout leave you astound //
Monday eat pizza watch Moesha in a miniskirt grab my girl and go to work //
Juice flow and perk never rejected by her clever use a condom protected I
Prefer so alert //
Surpass in class when I blast rhymes in this rap race, strapped and laced //
With flavor forever //
Say what get rid of my pager? never //
Behavior endeavors, huge shoes make cats look comical not economical //
Find my rhymes in the hot chronicle //
A droll imitation unfolds information smash abloom then Blast a mushroom
Cloud look abominable //



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