Black Poetry : Being There

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    Being There

    In this crap game his rap fame knew no bottom but
    His crew was rotten for cash had a wimpy thirst end up
    With an empty purse. He was plenty creative but many
    Of the natives didn’t care for his long rhymes not any
    At all so he went online with a mini computer then hired
    A skinny tutor to help out a new step no doubt but fired
    Her after a week, he could rap with ease very slick then
    Met a Japanese chick learned how to use chopsticks when
    He ate, from the hood oh yes but stood among the best he
    Was pure bred and sure to get ahead in society a stressed G
    His hardcore path was static but his score in mathematic was
    Good, smart in school but let rap art rule his brain not hot cuz
    Even though he aim to please crime became a lame disease started
    To dominate his head it gripped the fool started to skip school departed
    A drop out, as a blind slob couldn’t find a job started to chat with
    A drug dealer, chick thought he was handsome and dope with a gift
    But he abandoned hope of being a swift computer programmer drift
    In the street, can’t compare his history and now an air of mystery about
    His doings in town screwing around with crack was whack his route
    Now befuddled he was all aroused lived in a small house almost no
    Yard but his flow was hard on the microphone even from home mow
    The lawn with a Briggs and Stratton wanted to big in Manhattan glow
    Under Hollywoods lights from a jolly hood where fights were common
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    o yeah !!!
    sometime being there is where we see it all happen