Black Poetry : Being There

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    Being There

    Knowledge give light and now I live right go to church
    And flow much about Christ, my life changed now search
    For good, when sunlight shine on the earth time become slight worth
    More// a girl lighted a lamp her panties tight and damp but birth
    Awaits tonight a tramp will get some and cum into her life worse
    Is yet to cum, it’s a good era as she stood nearer to the mirror and thirst
    For a man, her coochee juice about to explode she had to reduce
    The load her ambition grew bigger and greater went to the refritgerater loose
    Her bra, grabbed a weeny dressed in a bikini started to pleasure herself
    The treasure was deft as she climaxed on the waxed floor and she left
    Stains, to Hardee’s she goes only think of party and clothes her health
    Was at stake, in the club she grooved and moved to advance to a romance
    A whole chance to get her a boyfriend to kiss and reminisce with after a dance //
    My brain do damage just to gain an advantage in the rap game I’m devoted
    Any minute for rapping, promoted from lieutenant to captain this is noted
    In CEO’S dialogue the results good for adulthood be my own man with
    A known plan at home stand on my own two feet make a song understand the gift
    My duty is to flow and put time in the studio this step is legit as it will
    Help benefit my carreer in here, may make a few mistakes but still thrilled
    To rock a crowd with hot proud rhymes on FREAKSTYLAZ I’m over the hill
    With this
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    This was red hot and off da chart