Black Poetry : Being Suspicious

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    Being Suspicious

    This dew rag situation knocking my true imagination
    My plan is to rap but understand my scalp perspiration
    Keep me from feeling reality so I’m dealing with fatality
    Firm in the streets learned to speak English in an alley
    Stay gleaming and daydream having numb illusions
    I’ve come to the conclusion during some intrusions
    That politics can be sick for a ailing economy yall
    In an affair with a sweet as I prepare to meet her at
    The club I got stats of a thug want butter on a fat
    Platter and kissing is another matter , intend to get
    Her tongue while her panties are wet some and yet
    She refuse, I’m about to lose my mind amazing lips
    Her cake is real this could be a great ordeal her hips
    Brown and round, it’s been said while in the bed marriages
    Occur and baby carriages stir inside a girl’s head, savages
    Try break up love affairs, wear hood bling and it’s a good
    Thing I’m an educated man I’ve devastated land and the woods
    Like deer hunters, now I read books because I need hooks
    For my rhymes and a location for my quotations no crooks
    Allowed, catch static from a fanatic because I can’t change
    My mind and that’s strange sometime having to rearrange
    dumb lines just to get rum and wine from a waiter at the bar