Black Poetry : Being Strong


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May 11, 2006
Being Strong

Where am I see the earth and there’s a sky onroute to Christ
I’m a guy like the sky clear after a storm but leaves disaster
And harm debris and stones scattered home shattered and plaster
Ripped off tall walls trip and fall over lamp tables a real bore
Need scientific help to take specific steps, attended hardcore
Conventions need more attention and so on I flow strong soar
On pages rip through the floor of stages I’m on a strong trail
That’s long and detail just staying home could derail me and fail
In the process, in my brain dust collect and like a suspect face
Murder charges, kill microphones, thrill domes on a vicious pace
I’m ill like bill trying to clear the house need votes on my quotes
From the senate any minute so I can pass secretary you keep notes
My plan is to rip a troubled nation got my manuscript ready for
Publication can’t afford to double inflation just a sweaty bazaar
Awaits, need a plan great for this rap landscape convinced fast
This stuff like dense grass fear the math but I need a clear path
So I can walk through and talk to you, or other words face wrath
My glowing powers are like growing flowers add cheer to rooms
And mere perfume, got kiss blisters from lovers they all in tune
Like sisters and brothers they near and dear


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