Black Poetry : Being Simple


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May 11, 2006
Being Simple

Towers with verbal domination
using powers of concentration
like Superman which is an abomination
my remote route hurted the map
vocab turned out to be perverted crap
had to change my skills reworded my rap
deviate far from what is right
but create bizaare rhymes before night
take grammar and English and combine parts
come with glamour distinguish and fine arts
this fatality exists in reality brisk go sleep with a nurse
get medicines heal migraines now have a concrete verse
in the hospital must pause for a just cause duck that hearse
peace and grease is what my good hair is revealing
a local fight for what is morally right in fair dealings
my ride fly so I glide high listen to thug raps with
little apparent effort got CD and hub caps that’s swift
advanced in rap using romance and crap trying to uplift
my reputation but drifted into devastation failure no gift
paraphanalia sniffed by dogs, have pride and taste but
in a specified place wanns get inside a girl’s lace and putt
like Tiger Woods and hope not to get struck by a golf club

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