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    Which Is More Powerfully Relevant, being Safe Or being Saved?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I Share Divine Information That you need, You Seek Information That you Want And Woe Is Unto You Who Do Not Know What You Need To Be Safe In Living Your Body Life.(Osiris)

    Beloved, of course what come to mind when the discussion is about you being saved from going to Hell and going to Heaven, religion is that institution that is successful in inflicting fear into your Mind (Heart) so the immediate question that should come to mind is, Where Did Religion Come From and What Constitute Religion?

    Religion is no more than a Human Being created doctrine of do and don't as so prescribed by the creator of the doctrine and it is the Human Being that Wrote the Religious doctrine and presented it in book form with the title being the Bible, insinuated with the claim that the bible is the Word Of God and they proceeded to sanctify the bible by implying that a character in the bible introduced by the creators of the bible, to be none other than Jesus Christ and gave that Jesus Character a rank in association to their created God as being the Son to that God.

    The creators of the religious God and their bible claim all that was written prior to the coming of the Son Of God does not out Rank what Jesus now bring and that which was before the coming of Jesus is old doctrine and to be used only as reference but not as being the teaching of the Son Of God, because only the teaching of Jesus is capable of Saving your Sinful Soul, so say the Doctrine of Jesus.

    So the Old doctrine paved the way for the Greater Lie To Come and complete the seducing of the Mind of the World into believing that your Soul is in need of being Saved and only the doctrine of Jesus is powerful enough to Save your soul.

    Yet I share with you when you divinely know what the Soul is you then know that the Soul is not in need o9f being saved because it is in a perpetuate state of being Safe from all who attempt to confuse the Mind of the world, because nothing we do is effective in affecting the Soul of all Beings, Beings being a product of the Divine Essence.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Now Beloved, if you choose to believe that your Soul is in want of being saved then it is because you want to believe in such a religious doctrine, so with your believing mind set in Wanting, it eliminate you from becoming with a Divine Mind to know what you need for your body life to be safe from the doctrine of religion and that is to know What The Divine Essence is, What The Meaning And Purpose Of Both Universe, And To Know Who You are in relationship to the Divine Essence and Both Universe require the use of your Divine Mind and not a created religious mind.

    It is the Divine mind that will cause you to know the meaning and purpose of such a Divine Trinity, they being The Divine Essence, both Universe, and Thyself, each action of those entities function Divinely, needing not to be saved but to know how to remain safe from the wiles of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the Author and Finisher of that book you now call the Bible.

    Having a need to be saved imply that your life is in jeopardy and is about to be destroyed, it is living in a very profane threatening condition and position, and have a want by you to be saved from yourselves, because the bible doctrine teach you that you are born a evil and despicable Being, with a mind to become weak and controllable and the only way to escape where such a weak mind will lead you, which is Hell, is for you to surrender your mind to the doctrine of Religion which Jesus Represent and is the created of the writers of the doctrine of Religion and the publisher of that lying and deceiving book they named the Bible, such a religious doctrine lying to you and having you to believe that every word that come forth from the bible is none other than The hand writing of the Word of God and on that basis, whomever believe those biblical lies, you most certainly need to be saved from those lies and deception told about God, Universe, and your Black Life.

    So you see it is only when you become desirous to be safe in a lying and perverse world, is when you will come to desire to know what is require for you do do to cause your life to be safe and not to be saved, because the latter indicate your mind soul has already been captured and now serve in the prison of being somebody else mind, a penalty that lead to your Divine Spiritual death, meaning you no longer are qualified to have Divine Thoughts and a Mind that do not Think Divinely is a Religious Mind, victim of the Doctrine of Lucifer, he who brought to you the deceiving light (knowledge) about a God created by the Devil themselves.

    The Bible is no more than a manuscript that reveal how Satan the Devilish Lucifer will conquer the world, it is a book well infested with Codes and Symbols and claimed prophecies, playing with the mind of their victims, having them to humble themselves based upon a vain, profane and deceiving Doctrine call Religion, predicting what they will do in Time to come, knowing that they control the events that are less than natural to affect your pitiful life, yet you find time to despise those WHO have now come in the wisdom of this Time of Enlightenment, simply because those who are wise among us will not continue to sanctify the religion that did in fact cause the Fall of The Black Nation..

    Religion does not cause your body life to be safe from all that is out to harm your Mind, it is religion the demon that harm your Mind, causing you to believe the only way for you to live your life is to disrespect your life by not doing what is necessary to cause your body life to be safe, while you always reaching for a Time not yet come in hope of saving your life and wanting it to go to Heaven and not Hell, you not knowing that Life is not transferable, it is only for the body and when Death serve notice to life and when that termination occur, it will not appear some where else in the sky heaven to live continuously, that is the religious lie created by the world conquers themselves and they were able to strip the Divine Being from their Divine Mind and now here you are running around serving as enablers to the very religion that was used to destroy Afrikan Civilization.

    A Ghost can not and will not save your Black Behind, only you in possession of your Divine Mind is capable of returning to you your Divine Spirituality, the Mental attitude capable of causing your life to become Safe and not to be in need of wanting to be saved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self. Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]