Black Poetry : Being Righteous

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    Being Righteous

    My production is artistic with instructions ballististic
    Manage my database, scatter lace see girl’s lip’s kiss it
    This is the worse raid have to give first aid because this
    Is a combat zone and my stats strong and the laws are brisk
    Flaws put you at risk may need a military aircraft to carry
    my staff to safety these whack cats won’t face me bullets vary
    as I have ammo like RAMBO so I’m yall worse nightmare
    dodge the fog use a large dog to bark at folks they might stare
    my pride and rhymes are a guide for the blind yall best be ware
    see a pink color think of my lover trouble towers should buy
    her double flowers a carnation leads to a bazaare situation try
    a crazy marriage pushing a baby carriage change pampers do or die
    my computer prevail like a neutered male it has no sexual desires
    write fast HIPHOP and like cash crops its grown on plantations
    get unknown demands from nations they read give a standing ovation
    Only illness account for my behavior and the amount
    Of major sickness in my verse, thirst my name is yount
    My sprees strong on stage and stands like trees of unknown
    Age, mystery of my quotes like hickory and oak have grown
    Absolute roots in grounds I’ll never salute clowns by choice
    Wear crowns try voice my opinion ride around in Rolls Royce
    But this summer I want a brisk Hummer and a list or number
    Of good beaches on exhibit to visit, will be cool as a new comer