Black Poetry : Being Right

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    Being Right

    Right there to act and aware of facts On the streets madly
    Terrific situation got specific information treat MC’S badly
    with skills and rhyming, get thrills climbing bill board charts
    In rap possess knowledge, less garbage hope my ford to start //
    see lawns on my route beyond any doubt the grass must be cut
    have mixed fescue, fixed to bless new yards plant dust flies up
    Trust me that crab grass’ll send you to the lab fast for weed killer //
    flow with pride this provide opportunity a chance to read a thriller
    newspaper hot flaws in the brain cause spots to remain in the headlines
    drinking red wine can’t figure out what triggerd this clout its bedtime
    an I’m still thinking, gunshots not fun a lot to read about bad connection
    Wow the world cried hate and now we’re in a specified state of rejection
    which makes a reflection on us as a people dang our fate need protection //
    can’t leave things unchanged even my bling is strange got a boss code
    moved out of town, grove around countryside, meet me at the crossroads
    like BONES N THUGS, post facts and quotes stay in close contact with folks, toss loads
    of rhymes, reveal a thief, feel grief grab guitar a legit star like WILSON PICKETT
    need a Mustang Sally I can bang in a alley like SHERI HILSON just lick tits
    kisses the essential element if her residential is relevant hug boo we’ll kick it
    its all cake breast and sex make it less complex red lips on bed quilts //
    eat snacks defeat acts forgot to take off weight treat rhyme with fumes
    have strange faults have to rearrange my thought in order to blind goons
    dominate with smile formulate my style turn around redesign my rooms
    some cats learn to stay dumb not concern just turn away from education