Black Poetry : Being Realistic


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May 11, 2006
Being Realistic

If you have sad lines need to add rhymes to your weight
To hardcore escape whackness great practice could take
You to higher levels in rap, alter my style hate to falter that’s
Senile, drink water and smile need to protein to flow mean stats
Stamina is dim load a camera with film take pictures of pastures
My scriptures masters plowed grounds with loud nouns disasters
Strike in form of sink holes when I think bold use ink on scrolls
To express myself in the best health as this rap standpoint unfolds
My stuff boss and critical even in the hospital make patients twist
Brisk style disperses while nurses assist in childbirth and kiss
A proper doctor, so rap is my baby this crap is crazy in pediatrics
Officials has incubators to study this creator’s silly ability even Patrick
Swayze wanna flash dance and get cash in advance for this movie
In the auditorium from the streets now come up to speak smoothly
About how corruption destroys production, like and accountant give
Statements of money received so no dummy or sleazy buster can live
And think it’s easy being hustler, best prevail straight or become
Jail bait some paid the penalty and stayed mentally sick crime is scum
Need a protector with a magic trick like Inspector Gadget slick some?
And tell what has been done and then some is able to sip rum


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