Black Poetry : being real

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    Anger in random storms enough to make cat abandon their farm
    So look I’m thinking script but this is a sinking ship as hate swarm
    Like honey bees it’s funny how these rhymes freeze mind need heat
    To thaw out this stuff will spoil your route need oil no doubt to repeat
    The process and keep abreast of weak minds freaks online for real
    To twirl treasure is world pleasure if cash in your possession feel
    The trash in your profess but have to dig more and ignore the haters
    They’ll bring you down even though you wear bling around town, RAIDERS
    OF A LOST ARK that could turn to dust I’m about to drown
    With a bandanna on acting like INDIANA JONES can’t clown around
    I’ve manage so far but like damage to car it’s beginning to cost a lot
    Tossed on the spot no words to speak many nerds in the street plot
    Against me, my pride is true but inside you flaw emotion and raw
    Oceans brew clowns drown in their own whackness so it’s love law
    How cats be bristling with anger no girl kissing a stranger a flaw
    In behavior even stale cold slaw has behavior, when it comes to
    Rhymes no telling how dope I be yelling at folks even a dumb crew
    Could feel this, hustle with enthusiasm so strange but the muscle
    spasms made me change, slapping cats with biscuits have to tussle
    Rapping stats but yall getting twisted, this stuff ballistic like IRAN
    MISSILES but in my hand I’m holding pistols ready to shoot I stand
    Alone to protect the flag and reject hags that wanna take my freedom