Black Poetry : Being Real

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    Being Real

    Trouble and aggression causes a double impression my eyes //Blurred while the skies were blue thoughts in my head flys // like legal eagles in search for prey much to say about my replies //Bad stats and rotten quotes belong on flat bottomed boats //Let that junk float to sea and drown don’t be a clown, hope //you succeed in HIP HOP, have brave pride a fast survivor //rhymes like a waveguide made of glass fiber I’m an ill diver //like acrobats with facts and stats write dope and like tight ropes //tied to poles and fried the souls of trapeze using night scopes //stay in legit scrimmages and that transmit images of a fighting //man, got smart features like art teacher draw pictures exciting //and come with raw scriptures while writing and close curtains // My love talk is hurting the truth and now it’s a burden //Of proof, when it cums to sex, I need some text alerting //Me on pages, when I see a cutie that smooth it’s my duty //To move and rap, it’s my moral obligation to let the beauty //Of my vocals be involved in this situation and try get a wet //One night’s stand, look I grab a tune and have room like //A hotel so I flow well and accommodate folks and with hype //Dominate with quotes, like scientists come up with new results //And start a true cult worshipping rap, provide lyrics and hide //Spirits of hatred in the matrix like Keanu Reeves got some pride //There’s a few circus with a new purpose not talked to Ringling //And Barnum