Black Muslims : Being Preoccupied with the Faults of Others...

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    Whoever aims to revive the Sunna of Muhammad[saws] and to remove satanic innovation for the purpose of offering sincere advice to the Muslims,Allah will question him and reckon with him.For whoever pursues the faults of his brother,Allah will pursue his faults until He exposes him,even,if he be in the recesses of his home.
    Believers ask for excuses while hypocrites pursue the faults of others and Allah helps a person as long as he helps his brother.

    It is related in the Muwatta,'Do not examine the faults of people as if you were a Lord,but rather exaime your own faults as though you were a slave.Among the faults of the self[nafs] is being preoccupied with the faults of people and being blind to one's own faults.