Black Poetry : Being One

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    Being One

    Dating this chick getting international ratings quick in
    An affair of glamour strong like an air hammer girlfriend
    Like compressed air bought her a dressed pair of boots
    Hair done up cute, her lip juice is like a slip noose brute
    Kisses I salute the wishes of her sexual drive so Hispanic
    Linking my script to a sinking ship my brain fry and panic
    Like the Titanic no nice words about ice bergs yet romantic
    Sailing in thought with stamina and caught on camera snap
    Shot of when I use to rap a lot, a camera is a a graphic map
    Its a nice device for freezing a time in the mystery of history
    My strong fame is on a frame set with the rods of god blistery
    Which the balls of my life are a wall of strife formed into beads
    That move aceoss the sidewalk while my pride talk and feeds
    Microphones, in the garage I prevail and like a large snail
    Got a shell on my back but a hell of an act in rap never stale
    Strong like fire is the long cherished desire to be great on stage
    Have fans and grab hands to shake can’t escape my fate outraged
    Like politics I swallow quick and continue to rhyme my menu
    Divine like Golden Coral a complete surrender just to get into
    Some unique tender steak but wait you must tip the waitress
    She served your food got some nerve being rude is tasteless
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    the near north
    pictures of the past...

    ...freezing moments in time...can't find the rhyme words to convey how your heart cared...and all the love served up to didn't forget to smile and say THANK YOU.

    the river floweth