Black Poetry : Being On-point

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    Being On-point

    Master with Doom fate and wrath as disaster accumulates
    In my path no room for hate must do the math that creates
    Escapes from critics, rap is a must have to adapt and adjust
    My lips to microphones so I can rip domes and kick up dust
    Doing this, look I rap strong if disaster was a chaperon It’ll
    Be supervising meeting, making surprise greeting with the wild
    Higher ups, have gatherings alarmed while weathering a storm
    Of criticism with some witty wisdom possibly from a smart farm
    got facts and statistics and crack is some very ballistic stuff
    if facts were cheap prices they’ll be street ices sold at a rough
    ten cents a stone cats would have tons and sent home with enough
    to build a skyscraper with high vapors like the air shined and buffed
    make sluts moaners because it’s hard to cut corners facts will handcuff
    Try to perform two or more actions just to get hardcore satisfaction
    From my skills come to build my fame, my ill name is an attraction
    Have to be of one mind with tons of rhyme and its fun sometimes
    To write about my visions, missions and collisions, it’s nickel and dime
    Not to get credit and yet pathetic cats try imitate as I demonstrate
    True rap and my crew slap MC’S with these so we together eliminate
    The competition, so we stay in harmony and slay like an army with grenades
    And bayonet blades, to persuade the enemy in our vicinity to surrender afraid
    Of verbal bombardment, fat in here like an atmosphere that surrounds the earth
    Renown and thirst for fame and got the worse name on the planet ready to burst
    Microphones in the tones lyrical drops with miracles hot like magic from the odd
    Merlin even Rod Sterling knows this is the twilight zone could be a total rap god
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