Black Poetry : Being On Point

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    Being On Point

    Your head is cluttered and your rhymes bread and butterd
    Bi-tch got toast in his post so he host Uncle Toms and uttered
    Words of satan and join nerds that be hating a real whack black
    I devastate with facts while this traitor celebrate acts whip back
    Rhymes drop national feel I’m on top of the capital
    Building, chilling, filling my destiny being rational
    Being home I’m a survivor sofa made of strong fiber
    While I sit legit and watch the news but kissing is livelier
    To my right flowers need some type of powers to make them
    Grow, the peek cost of peat moss is expensive and above the rim
    Like 2pac and the true art of farming is alarming while wearing tims
    Wanna be a person skilled in gardening and be thrilled starting a farm
    on the spot bringing no harm to crops plus cows and chickens in the barn
    right now evaluating my green like a calculating machine count the amount
    its all unique hearing about walstreet hit rock bottom having stock is rotten
    this day and time, a 57 point drop on dow jones is like Hillary Rodam
    somehow a strong political move that could put a critical groove on markets
    now there’s a fast crisis I‘ve seen gas price rise to heights and trounce pockets
    bounce rockets off the moon as economist rap the soft tune of davy Crockette
    in this being a wild frontier, want a chance in HIP HOP to dance an bebop
    then romance a hot chick go to bed pop it quick never stop **** like a rock
    git scarred when love hit hard, hope to have a girl dressed in a gown while
    her breasts are brown try to impress the town with my savy and style
    look life could be a whack trend that’ll put a backspin on your progress
    and the rest come falling down hurt my foot to walk backward