Black Poetry : Being On It

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    Being On It

    My corrupt fate is like duct tape has a dark side and
    a light side and holds my brains together but my plan
    is to use crazy glue on my scalp and get sticky strong
    rap from then on, look I’m on a raw path of static alone
    when I happen to use the laws of mathematics at home
    adding and subtracting were a fatality neighter refer to
    reality I think of jive numbers when I drive Hummers do
    slow down around curves use nouns and words to express
    myself, lonely with true bling only two things that mess
    with my brains, the universe and rap they make me thirst
    for crap such as fame too much lame stuff going on first
    the earthquakes was the worse shake up in history which burst
    the nuclear reactors now the fear factors in effect will it come
    here I’m plumb sincere, wow! got to give the public some
    this news hot and pure and I’m not sure rather we’re gonna dodge
    this we can’t camousflage this risk now often I sit in the garage
    and think, face hardcore odds standing before god because I got
    feeble butter quotes not equal to other folks the evil spoke a lot
    a phenomenon in suspense as common sense is a collection of knowledge
    and a rejection of garbage it’s electricity for publicy in the form of wattage
    my flow hot but I know not what weapons I use to amuse folks I guess
    stick and stones to create sick zones and throw quick bones to the rest
    of my dawgs they bark at night but their art not bright I’m ready to
    depart on a flight try remain to kick it oh **** didn’t buy a new
    plane ticket now up **** crrek without a paddle no doubt Seattle
    will have to wait