Black Poetry : Being Me

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    Being Me

    my jerky motions are like perky oceans my waves hardcore //and crave for shore even Robert Shaw’s JAWS movie adore //my trouble waters a couple of slaughters have taken place //because my dim art swim like sharks on a DEEP BLUE pace //starring LL Kool J which is an annual swell attraction along with //Samuel L Jackson thinking about snakes on a planes this is no gift //For an air flight can’t compare the height of these wings that uplift //Nope no dope I throw darts at crack and like artefacts my rhymes //Are man made, breathe easy after rhyming, disaster is climbing blind //Through my lungs, my voice tired and my choice have expired //A horse is required for riding in saddles that rattles and ropes desired //The air is corrupt while my haircut short so I style with a fade //Even in a wild parade I comb my hair and do dome repair afraid //Of Jherri Curl Juice doe, finding a smart cutie is part of my duty //It’s a native pleasure to use a legislative measure in a very moody //Way to talk to chicks then act in plays as my facts slays on stage //Even Shakespeare knows fakes fear this, brisk and buffed out of rage //It’s truly wet like Juliet so girls let down your hair, let sex turn the page //Sex is feeble satisfaction a legal transaction between lips and hugs //Scripts of love in on my mind now need some strong wine lay on rugs //