Black Poetry : Being It

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    Being It

    I’m a beast in scroll but cease to control my passions
    And feelings need old fashion healing eat some ration
    That contain soul food and get a plain bold attitude like
    VIVICA FOX plus drink Activia watch cox cable all night
    Wanna bring whackness to an end have to practice to win
    Rap contest I’ll slap the best in the mouth, feared by men
    It’s true to say I wanna do away with crime online but first
    Let me drink some strong wine while home spending time burst
    Open a Boone Farm it soon alarm my taste buds so I thirst
    Try flow best while some grow less in knowledge try impress
    With college words and garbage is absurd don’t use it just stress
    Keep a plan true and do as well as I can do with rhymes I have
    But try duck the corrupt biting and hate nickel and time vocab
    No doubt have renowned pride so respect goes around the outside
    Of my brain, tried to tame my emotions but struck out my route died
    On a remote road to success, and do tote a load of cess in my pocket
    See a girl want cake and lace but sex have to take place **** skyrocket
    The air is blue as I prepare to do my ordinary occupations and carry
    The population like a backpack lots of whack acts go on in February
    The inferior many are wrecked I try be superior in any respect it’s legendary