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    Write and draw rhymes but due to flaw in designs they stay hot
    but may not reach freaks in the street have to be dope a lot
    and hope to spot a chick in peace with a quick release of love
    hormones jumping up in smoke at DUNKIN DO-NUT a hug
    no joke right here on INDIAN RIVER see a Soul Sister that's club
    material booty imperial this cutie maybe lyrical PROVIDENCE ROAD
    up the street this girl butt is sweet because every ounce bounce on code
    my hormones pounce about like toads ready to explode like electrodes
    this is shocking wanna kiss her stockings and be knocking them boots
    she's cute so let me make my intro to get some info from her I hope
    the dumb don't occur, she's sleazy chicken and easy picking must cope
    with this girl usually there's some BASK AND ROBBIN ice cream
    for a nice queen but none here but I come sincere with hope and a dream
    I remain and continue to get in this dame's menu and of course her cake
    could end up in a plate at my crib feel me? I bet her boyfriend like frosted flakes
    get in the bed and toss it like DRAKE yelling baby you the best and jest go crazy
    sucking her breast she may say stop but no way Hosea milk flow like gravy
    keeping it real and a kiss can sweeten the deal, now I'm here in DUNKIN DONUTS
    pumping git up then jumping in my truck spinning tires burning a donut what up?
    Now Virginia Beach is number one and I got a hummer son I use that summer
    fun, Military Highway to my left, so girl we can go to bar oh gosh not a plumber
    need a new car wash, yesterday went to the store and spent more money than
    anticipated because this girl's love was stuck in my brain and I couldn't duck
    the flames her body was putting her lips and thighs had me hypnotize my luck
    fail me doe right there in FARM FRESH I was alarm over her breast wow but
    her boyfriend walked up “what up dawg” dang he had muscles so he lift weights
    and sniff her cake “nothing you a sharp brother wow left like I was one roller skates

    look boo we can swim in oceans and be like them EMOTIONS soars
    give you the “Best of my Love” got aroma galore and like COMMODORES
    so “Lady (you bring me up” I wear bling and you sling butt and it's
    happening right here at DUNKIN DO-NUTS in Virginia Beach we git
    wit the program, like the blues by BROOKE BENTON but now shook thinking
    about GEORGE CLINTON my Ebonics clog because I maybe sinking
    as an “Atomic Dog” and why must I make fuss and chase the cat
    I guess that's just the dog in me, but my flow stays like the OJAYS phat
    “Darlin Darlin baby (sweet tender love”) a class production and like
    BRASS CONSTRUCTION I'm “movin” now boo I got a very bright
    trunk of fun and like CON FUNK SHUN this is a Love Train” on rail-
    road tracks so choo choo how do you do boo? Your brown skin prevail
    wanna go down town hail to Soul Sistas, girl you flirt complex and your
    work has an index I throw no dirt at sex your breast are vexed I need more
    boo you have cake here and like SHAKESPEARE wanna take a sincere part
    in your play my heart stay loving you, your cake is great it can appear in Walmart
    never throws my clothes around the room my skin is glows brown and in tune
    so boys wanna go down town and boom shack-a-laka her come the tongue perfume
    all over the place on your shoulder bra strap lace but even it will fall off soon
    your lips are hot pink make me stop and think we can shop for mink HIPHOP
    links on the computer, fun in your eyes is like a golden sunrise wears flip flops
    in the morning, pause for though tall the flaws are caught on the end of my tongue
    through the wind you hear none, bein at the bar with dialect a serious car wreck brung
    us to a pause, aware of puzzles love affairs have their struggles I jump in the car comb
    my hair while the car guzzles petro from the ghetto can't let go, the steering wheel is chrome
    so boo no scar on our luck we can go to STARBUCK so jump in the we can put the top
    up and cruise on INDIAN RIVER WITH A BUNCH OF BENJAMINS to deliver at IHOPP
    so girl you're brown and phat and I can go down town with that let my wet tongue hit
    a homerun, now we at the DUNKIN DO-NUTS and we pumping it up holding a legit
    cup of coffee and wanna rub her butt softly
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    a homerun, now we at the DUNKIN DO-NUTS and we pumping it up holding a legit
    cup of coffee and wanna rub her butt softly, so baby boo need a date so you can feed
    me cake what you say to that?

    it's not clear why my panties are hot here at DUNKIN DONUTS killing me softly
    chilling wit coffee in my grip and you wanna rap up on some and then be bossy
    about it, like the plot of a scandal I'm too hot to handle and should not gamble
    with a boy's emotion, want luck instead and duck the bed then light a candle
    like the crew from a boat or ship you dive in this jive with quotes and script
    but oh nope you won't flip my pancakes too much syrup on them don't trip
    flirt with pies see boys in shirt and ties make a girls skirts fly up have me in flip
    mode you listen to BUSTER RHYMES, my mind in rubble and the first sign
    of trouble I'm out of here, the power of lace is like a flower vase it's searched
    for cracks a too much fact lies ahead as boys tries for the bed and I'm touched
    by their love talk that strike my ears, and home is another place for butter
    and lace my breast convinced that at a residence things could happen clutter
    a girl's path and a world of math is need to hurl the wrath in a different direction
    magnificent affection is needed then, now my thing face a tasty smash reflection
    of STACY DASH this could be an awkward moment, why do this it would leave
    me CLUELESS my red lips will be kissed a lot, in front of CHRIS ROCK geez
    like a DONUT may have a hole in the middle of it that you fiddle wit but no coffee
    available and love letters are mailable, you want perfect cake and you're bossy
    air must circulate through my costly panties, yeah I got butter so screw it, along
    with other fluids, so my panties are wet yet they still on by a long shot home
    or not, you wanna shower with a cutie and have the power and duty to kiss
    her lips or have soap and suds in a dope tub and hope the club is around the corner
    romance season is just another advance reason to make love or take a thug donor
    of love, my breast are fine but I'm pressed for time you best find another chick and
    maybe you can get some butter quick if you utter some slick words, so here we stand
    my skin is proof that I'm brown so don't goof around the truth can pound your head
    stuff my mind desire puts me in the line of fire strut hips and have to duck lips my red
    kissers are in trouble, sometimes id deal with farmers but you a real charmer but by
    the same token I'm a dame body smoking and my game choking most boys wit pie
    like a Hershey I'm sweet and like university athletes the path under my feet is for
    running, you wanna be a winner of pie have dinner on the fly huh forget that, car
    go fifty in the bar shifty gonna take a whole day to get cake anyway it's a phat bizarre
    you try buy my pie on a sly with love talk I don't listening and won't be kissing your
    lip, I'm a boss sweet and across the street is SUNNYSIDE ROAD see boys galore
    cake is your mission I have to make decisions my lips fine and pink but I need time
    to think, my panty juices alarm but the kisses reduces harm no excuses to charm online
    on INDIAN RIVER free street parking and that keep sparking a controversy that is designed
    to get your car towed for a load of quarters this road slaughters slow pokes have to speed
    down this yellow brick road like DOROTHY done when she was DIANA ROSS proceed
    to see the WIZARD it has come to light that you want some tonight and rum could ignite
    a sex parade