Black Poetry : Being Free

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    Being Free

    Having wealth is clever but like the twelth letter in the alphabets
    Some dwell with the letter L stands for loser, a snoozer gets
    Behind in life, like the third avenue my words travel to many streets
    With plenty beats like drtums from the slums don’t face any freaks
    This thanks fgiving we having a little feasrt thanks to the middle east
    The gas pricesis no longer the vast crisis riht we fiddle peace
    And change in our pocket, flow alert and eat yogurt hurdle
    Silk get to the wet curdled milk of a girl coochee perk be fertile
    Bother meat clevers is fatal like the father of Leah and Rachel got
    Two wives with new lives with Jacob, The Book of Genisis the hot
    World shook in Venice, my advance feature is to become a dance
    Teacher write about steps in quotes which will definitely help folks
    Express ill junk and possess skills and funk open your nose
    got smoking flows smell hot and well stocked a blooming rose
    My plan’s the best for college because it manifest knowledge
    From textbooks and takes complex looks at life and garbage
    Pronounce words flow bounce absurd like inflated tires, devastated
    Desires and educated liars, go ride in saddles and provide anticipated
    Battles on the internet, some cats wig absurd and like a big bird their
    Wings clap loudly while they rap proudly about crime its everywhere
    Type for fun and be like the sun beat down on heads with renowned heat
    So red, progress brief then express grief over my dog’s death on the streets
    And holler wearing a collar, where I’m from guns in streets are like drumbeats
    They roar all night
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